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Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Shirley's Lindsey Family
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 09:47:45 EST

In a message dated 3/30/2002 12:34:37 AM Mountain Standard Time,

> my father were born in Ripley,Tenn 5 1926 pass Sept 7 1993. Social number is
> Jack Lindsey were Social number were 500-16-6447.

The Social Security Death Index search feature is not coming up with any
records on Jack's social security numbers. Are you sure you have typed them
correctly? I will be happy to search his numbers again if you find you have
typed them incorrectly.

Henry T. Lindsey's info is pasted below. You can write to the Social Security
Administration and for $27 order the original application. The applicant
fills it out himself and his parents full names should be on the application.

SSN 355-24-9067
Residence: 85034 Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Born 5 Aug 1926
Last Benefit:
Died 7 Sep 1993
Issued: IL (Before 1951)

Here is a form letter that provides in order to help with
requesting the information listed on your father's SS application if you want
to order it.

Social Security Administration
Office of Earnings Operations
FOIA Workgroup
300 N. Greene Street
P.O. Box 33022
Baltimore, Maryland 21290
Re: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear Freedom of Information Officer, I am writing this request under the
Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552. I hereby request a copy of
the SS-5, Application for Social Security Card, or a corresponding NUMIDENT
printout (see below) for the following individual:
Birth: 5 Aug 1926
Death: 7 Sep 1993
This individual is deceased, having been listed in the Social Security
Administration's Death Master File. I understand the fee for this service is
$27 for copy of original SS-5 application OR $16 for copy of an abbreviated
NUMIDENT printout when the Social Security Number is provided. I am
requesting a (circle one: SS-5 copy OR Numident printout) Included is a check
for $______ made out to the Social Security Administration to cover any
administrative costs required by this request. Please respond to my request
upon receipt of this initial correspondence. Thank you for your attention and


Brenda dug up quite a bit for you on your grandfather so the next best place
for you to search would be Humbolt, Crockett Co. TN, his birthplace.

Happy Easter to all! Diana

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