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From: "Brenda Stroder" <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Shirley's Lindsey Family
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:24:59 -0600

I would suggest getting death records from Missouri for grandfather &
father, & getting a birth record on the father from Tennessee.
Blessings, Brenda Stroder

>Subject: [LINDSAY] Shirley's Lindsey Family
>Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:10:46 EST
>I went thru the archives and have gathered all the family info Shirley has
>posted so far. Shirley correct me if I post anything wrong for you.
>Shirley's grandfather was Jack Lindsey, born May 5, 1884 in Ripley,
>Lauderdale Co, TN. He married twice, first wife unknown, second wife was
>Rowena Ollie Everett.
>Jack's father was possibly an Isham or Isom Lindsey. Jack had three
>named; Daisy, Lura, Alice and Martha.
>Jack and Rowena had three sons; Henry Sherman, Thomas (Shirley's father)
>Virgil (also known as "Old Blue Eyes"). Shirley you also refer to your
>as Henry Thomas Lindsey in one post so you need to clarify if there was a
>named Henry Sherman or if Henry was your father's first name.
>Jack and Rowena also had one daughter named Henretta Lindsey.
>Jack and Rowena moved from Ripley, TN to Wardell, Pemiscot Co, MO in 1936
>where Jack died Feb 17, 1951. Rowena died in 1952. (?)
>Shirley's father, Thomas was born in 1926 in Ripley, TN and died in 1993 in
>Wardell, MO. Uncle Virgil was born May 5, 1933 in Ripley, TN and is still
>living. Sister Henretta was also born in Ripley, TN.
>Shirley's Lindsey family was either from Germany, Paris or England but they
>were from slaves and moved around a lot as Grandfather Jack told his son,
>Thomas. Virgil had blue eyes and could pass as white and Shirley's father,
>Thomas had long, curly hair.
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