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Subject: [LINDSAY] Shirley's Lindsey Family
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:10:46 EST

I went thru the archives and have gathered all the family info Shirley has
posted so far. Shirley correct me if I post anything wrong for you.

Shirley's grandfather was Jack Lindsey, born May 5, 1884 in Ripley,
Lauderdale Co, TN. He married twice, first wife unknown, second wife was
Rowena Ollie Everett.

Jack's father was possibly an Isham or Isom Lindsey. Jack had three sisters
named; Daisy, Lura, Alice and Martha.

Jack and Rowena had three sons; Henry Sherman, Thomas (Shirley's father) and
Virgil (also known as "Old Blue Eyes"). Shirley you also refer to your father
as Henry Thomas Lindsey in one post so you need to clarify if there was a son
named Henry Sherman or if Henry was your father's first name.

Jack and Rowena also had one daughter named Henretta Lindsey.

Jack and Rowena moved from Ripley, TN to Wardell, Pemiscot Co, MO in 1936
where Jack died Feb 17, 1951. Rowena died in 1952. (?)

Shirley's father, Thomas was born in 1926 in Ripley, TN and died in 1993 in
Wardell, MO. Uncle Virgil was born May 5, 1933 in Ripley, TN and is still
living. Sister Henretta was also born in Ripley, TN.

Shirley's Lindsey family was either from Germany, Paris or England but they
were from slaves and moved around a lot as Grandfather Jack told his son,
Thomas. Virgil had blue eyes and could pass as white and Shirley's father,
Thomas had long, curly hair.


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