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From: Philip Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] I'll try once once more, if y'all will!
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:23:17 -0600
References: <>

Hello Donovan,

I'm back in the saddle here for a bit and wanted to drop you a line.
Could be that some cousins have found you since I wrote the "Lost and Found:
Laban Lindsay" email to both you and the list. Otherwise I would try any of the
three addresses I found in the archives. (I'm going to forward that email to you
now, also).
1) The first address is Rita Fletcher and I can tell from the email address
that she is from the University of Missouri. And she seems to want to make
contact because of the last lines of what she wrote:

If anybody has anything about Caleb and Labon Lindsey's descendants i
would like to hear from them as they were brothers to my husbands gggg
grandmother. [ Hope i didn't get too many g's in there!!!

These are references to Revolutionary War Soldier Laban Lindsey and I pulled
them from the year 1999. That's fairly old and some of the email addys may have
changed. I haven't seen posts from any of these on the list for a long time, but
they may still be on the Lindsay List. I would write them direct. Just grab
their email messages.

2) Also, I wanted to ask if there was a George Linsay related to Labern
Linsay. You had wondered why they went to Missouri and I was wondering why that
particular place (Greene County). The other day I was looking at the Government
Land Office site and found that a George Linsay had purchased land there before
the Civil War and was the only other Lindsay in the county, apparently. Possibly
you connect to him?

3) I was wondering what genealogical program you use (Family TreeMaker,
Generations, PAF, etc.). If you let me know, we could figure out how to make a
GEDCOM from it and I could reconstruct your tree on my computer. That way I
could look for any more of your Missouri kin. Or, at least, know them when I did
run onto them. I've still got about a thousand Missouri names that I can't tie
to any other trees yet.

But, congratulations anyway. That Lindsay line of yours goes back at least
to Joseph Lindsay, father of Labon. That's a huge way back. You should be able
to contact to cousins by the dozens very soon. The Lindsay DNA project will help
spur that along.
My deepest sympathy regarding your mother.

Best Regards,

Your cousin, Phil


> Phil, I cannot thank You enough for all of this, I will always be into your
> debt, and all of the Lindsay contributors, this has put a much needed border
> to the search! If , You know of anyone to contact in
> Missouri, of which I could write to about this connection this would be
> great.
> I really appreciate all of the Lindsay , cousin , concerns and
> prayers for my Mother. If You could just known what a caring ,
> giving , an Loving person to all she met! Well I know this is
> not the appropriate venue for this. I will stop. Love-Ya, All !
> Your cousin. Donovan Lindsay-Endure with Strength
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