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From: Tom Lindsay <>
Subject: RE: [LINDSAY] Dennis Lindsay/Lindsey: Comments about the Given Name
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 21:06:19 -0500


The Dionysius derivation is interesting - it is the first time I have heard
of the tie-in. Wasn't Dionysius the Greek god of fertility and wine?
Given the number of Linds*ys named Dennis and the propensity of Linds*ys
for all things bacchanalia, it seems a good time was had by all. :) We
are, after all, the "Lightsome Lindsays".

Thanks, Bill (Dennis) for the input. In our immediate family, the
tradition is carried on by my older brother's only son, Dennis Patrick
Lindsay. My only son is Sean Richard Lindsay (no traditions involved in
his naming, other than Sean being Gaelic for John).

Cheers to all,

PS. Regarding Ron Lindsay's DNA project and the various excellent
comments and suggestions forthcoming in the last 10 days or so, it occurs
to me that those Lindsays I have met over the years, not just immediate
family, I have noted how many of them share a number of distinctive facial
and physical characteristics which might be interesting to explore At
some point those Linds*ys who are involved in the DNA testing as well as
those that are following its progress might further the development and
understanding of our common ancestry by electronically sharing color
photographs of themselves with the List or via the Clan Lindsay website.
In particular, to the extent that the DNA testing places a number of
individual participants into a common ancestor group, it would be
interesting to see how and to what extent these Linds*ys resemble each

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Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 8:21 PM
Subject: [LINDSAY] Dennis Lindsay/Lindsey: Comments about the Given Name


My Lindsey line is another that uses Dennis as a given name as far back as
can track it, which is to about 1710 in VA. I descend from a Dennis
that I first find in Spotsylvania Co., VA, records in 1728. By 1734/5, he
shows up in Brunswick Co., VA, briefly, and thereafter was in Edgecombe,
later Granville, Co., NC, until he died in Aug. 1762. He left a son
who appears to be my ancestor, who had a son Dennis. That Dennis had a son
Mark, who in turn had another son Dennis. This Dennis was father of Mark
Jefferson Lindsey, whose son Alexander Cobb Lindsey was father of Benjamin
Dennis Lindsey. Benjamin Dennis Lindsey was father of Benjamin Dennis
Lindsey, my father. I'm another Dennis, Wm. Dennis.

Since I can't connect the Dennis b. abt. 1710 to any of the other VA
families of this period, I'm not sure where the given name originated in
this line. There was another Dennis Lindsey living in St. Paul's Parish,
Stafford Co., VA, up to 1742, who also left descendants who have used
as a given name for generations. Whether my Dennis is related to this
Dennis, I don't know.

You're right about the Irish connection. Families using Dennis as a given
name in the period in question tended to have Irish roots. For instance,
the McCarty family of colonial VA, who came to VA from Ireland, used
Dionysius/Dennis for many generations as a given name, and families that
intermarried with the McCartys often picked the name up from them. It's
possible that some of the early VA Lindsay lines using Dennis as a given
name had McCarty ties by marriage.

Note that in this case Dennis is an anglicization of the name Dionysius.

I'll gladly share information on these Lindsey lines if anyone would need

Bill Lindsey

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