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From: Philip Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Retry Donovan's census
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:38:28 -0600
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Thanks Tom,

It did, indeed.
I finally got it (semi-) right the last time simply by going into Netscape
Messenger and changing the mode to text instead of HTML.
But that was a one time fix and I was till much perplexed until you wrote.

Thanks again,


Tom Lindsay wrote:

> Re formatting of genealogical or other data in an email, unless you are
> using something like the table capability in Word, any formatting you use
> is likely to be undone in transmission, since most systems don't recognize
> the non-printing formatting control characters needed. If your email
> system is one such, and you want the formatting to be maintained, one way
> would be to capture it in a Word or equivalent document, and attach the
> Word document to your email.
> Hope that helps,
> Tom Lindsay in Melbourne, FL
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