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From: Philip Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Re: Francis A. LINDSAY
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:18:21 -0600
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Hello Tom and all,

In a FWIW, the oral history is probably either "nail on the head" or
correct in the same sense that the kid's game "Telephone" (where kids are in a
circle and pass a story to child next to them, while in a circle, then compare
results. Never the same in details, but always recognizably the same story.
The " D' " in D'Ennis would indicate an old Norman influence. Ireland has
many examples (D'Arcy, etc.). But the Ennis is also definitely Irish (I should
say Gaelic for it is in Wales and Scotland, also). Ennis is an Anglicization of
the Gaelic word "Inis" meaning "island". So names like Inishowen, Inishboffin,
etc. are found all over Ireland. But also names like Enniskillen (in County
Fermanagh, as it happens) and Ennis, in County Clare.
Long and the short of it would be this. If you have Dennis as a family name
in your Lindsays, it is as close to a sure thing as it can get that the line
originated in Ireland. Whether they were Scots before coming to Ireland or left
over in Ireland from Strongbow's invasion, they would have come to America from

Best Regards,


Tom Lindsay wrote:

> Hello, Lindsey: I do not believe there is any relationship within the last
> four generations, but one never knows. Family oral history has it that
> naming someone "Dennis" was a way of honoring a forebear whose surname was
> "D'Ennis", a name that also is indigenous to the north-central area of
> Ireland near County Fermanagh.
> Tom Lindsay, on the Florida Space Coast
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> Hello Lindsay, my family name has a Dennis Lindsey also could you be with
> Jack Lindsey and sister Dasiy ,Alice,Martha,Lura. please write back soon.
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