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From: Tom Lindsay <>
Subject: RE: [LINDSAY] Lindsay DNA Documentation Project
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 21:36:01 -0500

Dear Ron, Cousins and all List Members:

The outpouring of support, intelligent suggestions, and empathy for
everyone's search for their own and other's family history has been
encouraging and I hope, for you, gratifying. It is testimony to the depth
and the breadth of your dedication to both ClanLindsay and the DNA project,
to your ability to articulate a scientific subject so the rest of us mere
mortals can understand it, and the grace with which you continue to respond
to all sorts of questions. Obviously, we are all the "Lightsome

Ron, I want to help as well, although because of my relative naiveté' when
it comes to the formal structuring of genealogical charting and my frequent
business travel overseas, including an upcoming 10 trip to Riga beginning
Wednesday, followed by another 10 day trip to DC, I am not sure how much I
can be, at least in the near term.

I think that organizing our many members into teams cooperating on common
objectives is a great idea, as are the other suggestions everyone has made.
As a Phase 1 DNA Testing participant I, too, encourage everyone on the
list who can to participate; if a Lindsay(however spelled)-surnamed male to
volunteer for the DNA testing program or, if female, to encourage a male
Linds*y relative to volunteer for same, or at least to contribute to
financing for another who is willing.

Good health and long life to all,
Tom Lindsay,
Melbourne, FL.

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