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From: "katie angermeyer" <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Sharing stuff
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 20:25:12 +0000

Elizabeth. I may be interested in your data base, but not sure if it will
help me. Can you give us a brief description of where and when Ephraim
Lindsey line started? Thanks for the offer.

This is how I keep my jumble of information from the internet so that I can
access it later and share with others. Besides keeping a family tree
program (I have Generations Deluxe, and am quite happy with it), I copy and
paste anything that I think I may want to refer to later that comes via
e-mail, or off websites. I save these pearls in Word documents named for a
surname, a specific person, location, or other subject. If I ever want to
find anything, say for example, about Ephraim Lindsey, I would use the
<find><files> function off the start menu. Type in Ephraim Lindsey in the
text box, browse for the folder containing all of my genealogy files, and
push find. All files that have that text will be displayed, and I can open
them and search them for whatever I want.

I try to stay away from printing out reams of paper, which are harder to
search, and often are found to be red herrings anyway. I back up my huge
files on CD and keep copies in my car, in case of computer failure or other
Acts of God.


---------------Elizabeth wrote:------------------

>I did however, enter the
>book, Ephraim Lindsey and His Descendants, into Family Tree Maker. My
>parents bought the book in the early 1960's thinking it might provide some
>connections (it didn't). If anyone is interested in that database, I am
>happy to provide a copy.

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