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From: "Laurence Lee" <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Sharing stuff
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 13:50:27 -0500
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I wish I had your suggestions 5-6 years ago. I have stacks of printed
emails and it is very hard to remember where a fact is. Hard drives are a
lot bigger and mine certainly could hold such files. Hearing that you drive
your backup around with you made me smile! This is valuable stuff we deal

I have sent some info to Ron Lindsay about the Ephraim Lindsey book and some
Family Tree Maker files. I will wait for how well he fares with the stuff,
i.e., whether the quotes from the book were sufficient, and whether the
files transmitted OK. Then I will be happy to post the info to the list and
send the files to whoever wants them.

Love to all Lindsey/Lindsay/however spelled researchers!

Elizabeth Lindsey Lee

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Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 3:25 PM
Subject: [LINDSAY] Sharing stuff

> Elizabeth. I may be interested in your data base, but not sure if it will
> help me. Can you give us a brief description of where and when Ephraim
> Lindsey line started? Thanks for the offer.
> This is how I keep my jumble of information from the internet so that I
> access it later and share with others. Besides keeping a family tree
> program (I have Generations Deluxe, and am quite happy with it), I copy
> paste anything that I think I may want to refer to later that comes via
> e-mail, or off websites. I save these pearls in Word documents named for
> surname, a specific person, location, or other subject. If I ever want to
> find anything, say for example, about Ephraim Lindsey, I would use the
> <find><files> function off the start menu. Type in Ephraim Lindsey in
> text box, browse for the folder containing all of my genealogy files, and
> push find. All files that have that text will be displayed, and I can
> them and search them for whatever I want.
> I try to stay away from printing out reams of paper, which are harder to
> search, and often are found to be red herrings anyway. I back up my huge
> files on CD and keep copies in my car, in case of computer failure or
> Acts of God.
> Katie
> ---------------Elizabeth wrote:------------------
> snip...................
> >I did however, enter the
> >book, Ephraim Lindsey and His Descendants, into Family Tree Maker. My
> >parents bought the book in the early 1960's thinking it might provide
> >connections (it didn't). If anyone is interested in that database, I am
> >happy to provide a copy.
> >
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