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From: Ron Lindsay <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Biggest Obstacle To Genealogical Team Effort
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 11:22:33 -0800

Greetings Lindsay List,

Thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion up to this
point. Some great points are being made.

I think it is safe to say that the primary goal for each of us Lindsay
researchers is to provide a clear, concise and well documented genealogy of
our particular Lindsay lineage. It is also the common desire of each of us
to see published a beautiful, hard cover book with all these family
revelations and with our name embossed in gold on the cover as the
accomplished author. Furthermore we would like to see it circulated
worldwide at the top of the best seller list. Unfortunately, 99% (I made
up this number) of all these individual genealogical efforts never see the
light of the printed page of a published book. All the manuscripts and
data that was collected from decades of work is eventually placed by loving
family members into an ole trunk at best and in most cases will be
unceremoniously "filed" in the land fills of our communities after a period
of respect. It is not your stuff anymore. It is now theirs and there is
no room in the attic. It is bio-degradable and should be returned to
mother earth. Sorry, I got carried away on that point.

In my opinion, the most difficult if not impossible task is to convince a
few (we only need a few good people) of the many Lindsay genealogists to
release their databases of information and work in a team mode. Working in
a team mode is not one of the traditional strengths of genealogists. I
speak from experience. Worded another way, it takes one to know
one. Knowledge is not something known by one person. Knowledge becomes
knowledge when information is shared, under goes and survives peer review
and then accepted by the majority as fact.

If we want this coordinated Lindsay genealogy effort to succeed, we need to
convince ourselves that this team approach is the most likely chance our
individual work has to survive the process of time, even if we have to
share the glory with others. We also need to work out a way whereby the
efforts of all involved with a piece of work is acknowledged in any
publication of the document. If there are any researchers who have plans
to publish, it is understandable that those researchers would not want to
give away their "secrets".

I make no attempt to conceal the fact that precise, well documented
genealogies of the respective Lindsay lineage for each of the Lindsay DNA
participants is of paramount importance if we hope to gain the maximum
benefit from our DNA Project. If we fail to provide these proven
traditional genealogical links, there will be some who will fault the
failure of the Lindsay Surname DNA Project for not proving something that
it was never designed to do. The DNA results can only provide us with a
focused direction as to where to concentrate our paper efforts.

Add these thoughts to the process as we proceed to determine how we want to
continue this thread, if we want to continue it at all. There is still a
significant number of researchers we have not heard from. This is also an
appropriate time for the objective Lindsay List lurker to voice their
opinions on this critical issue.


Ron Lindsay
San Jose, CA

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