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From: Ron Lindsay <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] William Thorndale & Newsletter on Southern Colonial Lindsay Families
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 08:45:48 -0800
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Good morning Bill,

I was not familiar with the work of William Thorndale nor the
Newsletter. This is very interesting.

(1) Could you tell us more about this effort?
(2) What year(s) was this done?
(3) What was the outcome of this effort?
(4) Was anything published?
(5) Does the Newsletter still exist?
(6) Is there any understanding where the effort was flawed or was it
considered successful?
(7) Can you also tell us more about the mode of operation and success of
the group of researchers on the Braselton/Brazelton family?

The biggest difference we have today and what researchers had to deal with
decades ago, is the vastly improved modes of communicating. Due to the
Internet, we have the ability to engage world wide in a collaborative mode
using software that allows us to review a document, in real time, and add
our comments/revisions for other team members to see and review.

Tell us more about William Thorndale's work if you can. Cheers.

Ron Lindsay
San Jose, CA

At 10:08 AM 3/22/02 -0600, you wrote:
>As I have thought about the research project you propose, I recall an
>appeal William Thorndale made along the same lines several decades ago in
>the newsletter on Southern colonial Lindsay families. You may recall that
>this newsletter got started precisely to do what you propose: that is, to
>group together the various lines that seem to come from various
>immigrants, and to try to document the connections as closely as possible.
>The approach William Thorndale suggested was for those working on each
>line to document that line as carefully as possible, then to pool
>On that basis, his hope was that the various lines might be sorted into
>family groups, in some cases, pointing to the immigrant from which the
>group descended. It goes without saying that careful documentation is
>necessary for this project to work. But even more, the project will take
>willingness to pool information.
>I do think it's possible for such a project to succeed. I'm working with
>a group of researchers on the Braselton/Brazelton family that originates
>in Frederick Co., MD. In several years, we've been able to sort out
>family lines that have been tangled for generations, and about which much
>misinformation has circulated.
>Bill Lindsey
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