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From: "The Robinson's" <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Lindsey DNA test
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:34:53 -0500

Dear list,
I have an Uncle who is willing to take the DNA test. (He's is 82). Our line comes through Thomas and Hester Clark Lindsey. I don't know who Thomas' parents or sibblings are. There is a book " A record of the Lindsey and Allied Families of Southern Georgia" by Henry Wilkes, that was published in 1977 this book stated that James and Sarah Daniels had a son John who married Sarah Walker who were the parents of Thomas. They claim this information is from old Family Bibles, the History of the Episcopal Church in Virginia, and from the Colonial History of Virginia. I don't know where the old Family Bibles are, but I would love to see them.

I have found through my own searching and through others that James and Sarah Daniel Lindsey's son John married a Mary Masterson, (I was sent a copy of a will as proof) and that this is not our John the father of Thomas. I'm not saying that Thomas' parents aren't John and Sarah Lindsey, but I do know it's not John the son of James and Sarah.

Are there any others from this line who would be interested in splitting the cost? or do you have someone who can take the test and I'll split the cost with you. I don't really care how it works out as long as SOMEONE from this line takes the test!! Let my know.....


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