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From: "William Lindsey" <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Lindsay DNA Project6
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:21:44 -0600


I applaud your outline of a research project grouping the various
Lindsay/Lindsey descendants by immigrant ancestors, and seeking to document
the information pertaining to each descendancy group.

This is a project on which I've been working for some time now, as I try to
figure out which of the Virginia Lindsay/Lindsey lines my own earliest
ancestor, Dennis Lindsey, b. abt. 1700, ties into. I have a wealth of
information on the VA families, and have been trying for several years to
organize it into descendancy groups, with documentation. I am happy to make
that information available to the entire group, provided folks are willing
to wait a bit as I keep weeding through my years of paper research, to enter
it into my computer database.

If the DNA test shows that my line ties into the family of James Lindsay who
was in Gloucester Co., VA, by 1636 (and I have a strong suspicion that my
line will tie into this line), then I'd be happy to coordinate the work on
that group of descendants.


Bill Lindsey
Little Rock

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