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From: Cliff Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Lindsay Surname DNA Testing
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:33:01 -0800
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After reading this, the thought came to me that if we get a lot rolling
on the ideas below, there would be a wonderful opportunity to send out
press releases to see if we could get the story of the project into a
lot of newspapers in the target countries. This effort could drive in
many Lindsays willing to try the DNA approach, and more members to

I am willing to help on the press release. I did have luck at this in
1991, and got a million dollars worth of free advertising and a lot of
response. Even the Governor of Nebraska responded!

Keep up the good work Ron.


Ron Lindsay wrote:
> Greetings Katie & Lindsay List,
> Your idea from Katie for the many Lindsay (how ever spelled) lineages to
> band together and find a male cousin bearing the Lindsay (how ever spelled)
> surname and convince him to participate in this genealogy Project is
> noteworthy.
> The cost, as has been managed by several other Lindsay family groups, could
> be shared by one or more family members to reduce the impact on any one
> person. The results could then be shared by the participant with his other
> family members in hopes of learning of other Lindsay (how ever spelled)
> lineages in which you possibly share a common ancestor. After
> communicating with the other Project participants who matched your DNA,
> hopefully a meaningful connection could be established via the traditional
> genealogical means.
> The DNA sample collection for the 1st round of testing (21 participants) is
> almost complete. Registration for the 2nd round of testing is now underway
> with additional Sign Up/Registration received from five Lindseys and one
> Lindsay. We need many more participants to sign up before we can start the
> collection process for the 2nd round testing.
> This Project needs the participation of all serious Lindsay (how ever
> spelled) genealogical researchers to help solicit qualified participants
> from as many Lindsay (how ever spelled) lineages as possible. You know who
> these male cousins bearing the Lindsay (how ever spelled) surname are
> better than anyone. It boils down to how much time do you feel you can you
> justify and how much money do you want to spend to find a family member who
> will participate in this DNA Project. Most researchers that I know have
> already spent many years and thousands of dollars chasing their ancestors.
> The cost for participating in the Lindsay Surname DNA Project is infinitely
> small in comparison to what many of us already have spent in our
> genealogical quest. By agreement with the test laboratory, I cannot
> publicly post the negotiated cost for our 24 Y-chromosome STR marker
> test. What I can tell you is that the cost is between $150 -$200 USD and
> is the lowest price for this many markers that I am currently
> aware. Participants will be notified of the specific price after they
> Sign-Up/Register to participate.
> Once the 1st round test results have been posted, there will be a great
> need for the Lindsay (how ever spelled) genealogists, associated with the
> lineage of each of these participants, to study the results and offer their
> genealogical connection analyses based on their individual knowledge-basis.
> Genealogists are a very tenacious group of people and I believe the
> Lindsays (how ever spelled) are even more so if that is possible. So I
> know you can do it. Give a try to finding YOUR family participant. The
> cost is small compared to what you might learn. Cheers.
> Ron Lindsay
> San Jose, CA
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> At 03:23 PM 3/20/02 +0000, you wrote:
> >I referred my first cousin, Randy Lindsey, to Ron's DNA project. Hope some
> >answers will come out of this. Its interesting anyway. Thanks for
> >organizing this and for your website.
> >
> >I would encourage everyone with a connection to the SW VA, E TN, and NC
> >Linds*ys to annoint/appoint a male Linds*y sur-named cousin to participate.
> >The more lines that are tested, the more possible connections can be made.
> >
> >Website is
> >
> >Katie Angermeyer
> >
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