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From: Ron Lindsay <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Documented Genealogy to Support Our DNA Project
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:33:47 -0800

Greetings Lindsay List,

One of the things that I am sure we can all agree upon is the conclusion
that the key to the proper interpretation of our DNA Project results is
without doubt based on good, well documented genealogical information. We
could develop a Lindsay (how ever spelled) database with all the DNA
haplotypes defined for our surname, but will find that genetic information
useless if we do not have some idea as to how to biologically connect those
participants that have matching DNA. We all stand to gain from this DNA
Project whether we participate in the Project with our own DNA or not.

Another thing I have concluded from my extensive communications with
hundreds of people of our surname, from around the world, is that there is
much genealogical data available pertaining to our surname. However, on
one end of the spectrum are the lineages which are documented with
indisputable citations while on the other end of the spectrum the
documentation is non-existent. And of course there are some good
genealogies that fit in between these two extreme categories.

There needs to be a "method" associated with the millions of hours and
thousands of dollars spent by Lindsay genealogy researchers around the
globe. I cannot offer you a solution but I can offer you a few thoughts as
the genesis for what could evolve into a collaborative, synergistic effort
to an extent never before achieved by another single surname group.

1] Form a small volunteer group of individual "Lindsay" researchers whose
primary mission is to establish a list of key "Lindsay" immigrants that
will become the basis for our initial collaborative research. This could
include "Lindsay" immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia,
etc. This initial group should elect a chairperson to coordinate the
activities and document their findings and solicit comment from the Lindsay
List. This volunteer group could easily be derived from this Rootsweb
Lindsay List.

2] Once this basic list of immigrants has been completed, we should then
form major research groups dedicated to each specific "Lindsay"
immigrant. Each major immigrant group should elect a chairperson to
coordinate the activities and document the findings and solicit comment
from the Lindsay List.

3] Each "major research group" will solicit and enroll volunteers who will
dedicate their basic research time to a specific segment of within that
particular major lineage.

4] All published research including names, dates, places, events must be
supported with documented citations and subject to peer review.

5] Establish a uniform software application package such as Microsoft Word
using the footnotes feature to provide the precise citation or source for
any names, dates, places, etc along with the manuscript. I am sure there
are others equally as good but Microsoft Word is one I am familiar with.

6] At certain intervals in the research or as significant results have
been achieved by each of the major research groups, the results would be
published to the Lindsay List for peer review.

7] This publication phase would be similar to the University/academic
research which allows for and encourages constructive critique from their
peers. I have no doubt that regardless of the effort spent in documenting
all that we can discover on a particular "Lindsay" lineage, there would be
one or more people in the world who could provide corrections or additional
documented extensions of the work.

8] Convene a gathering/"Lindsay Genealogy Summit" of all interested
"Lindsay" researchers at one to two year intervals for each of the major
research groups to present their findings. Raymon (Gabbie) Lindsey of
Tennessee tried to organize such an event last year but abandoned it due to
lack of participation. This could become as much of a social event for the
global "Lindsay" community as a genealogical session. With the right venue
and planning, such an event could become a "Lindsay" event not to be missed
by anyone who cares about things "Lindsay".
I would appreciate the feedback from the entire Lindsay List whether you
support it or not. I would be most surprised and disappointed if you do
not respond one way or the other. Let's decide if we really want to find
out who we are. If I am all wet let me know and I will not bother the List
with such a long dissertation in the future.

My best regards.

Ron Lindsay
San Jose, CA

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