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Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Blue eyes
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 12:23:33 EST

Yes, I will help you to find out more, but my uncle Virgil Lindsey were born
in Ripely, Teen May 5, 1933. Sorry I made area on my grandfather birthday
instead of April 14 it were May 5, 1884, the same months as my grand father
birthday Virgil were. This stories has been told so many way that i can not
account them, some claim German, Paris, England but their were slaves and
move around that's what my dad Henry Thomas Lindsey told me his father told
him, my father had curl hair long and very pretty to in his young years he
would wash is head and shake the water off that's always had me thanking
about this jack thing my uncle say that all grandfather been call that could
remember all his life as coming as a child his dad were never call John but
it could have very well, been that, i am trying work on the date and death,
my grandfather pass on Feb 17 1951 , City Lake were the birth records came
from, on my father and sister Henretta Lindsey also born in Ripley,Tenn.Yes
we will help each other with this search. thank you . Shirley the grand
child. Live in Milwaukee, WI. were born the same place my grandfather pass at
the county on Pemiscot.

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