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From: "katie angermeyer" <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Blue eyes
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 05:57:34 +0000

Shirley, if the rest of us Lindseys can help you find out about Jack, can
you give us as much as you know? Sometimes Jack is nickname for John.
There are lots of John Lindseys, so it could be difficult.

Where was Jack born? State, county, city? What year? Where was Virgil
born? What year? Where did he live? Was he in any wars or the military?
If you can find your own parents marriage certificate or birth certificate,
you may find out more. Where was your Lindsey parent born? What year? If
you don't have that information about your parent, you may be able to get
information about Virgil blue eyes, through birth or marriage certicate.

Good luck. Would like to help you in your search. I was born in Wisconsin,
but my Lindseys were from N.Ireland or Scotland to Virginia (with perhaps a
stop in Pennsylvania on the way, to Tennessee, to Iowa, to Oklahoma to
Minnesota and then the rest of the world. Kind of like dandelion seeds.


>Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Blue eyes
>Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 23:45:23 EST
>This is what I am trying to find out were my grandfather Jack came from,
>told from German or England are Paris, still working on it. This is the
>were given to my uncle Virgil Lindsey the baby son only is living still. I
>live in Milwaukee, WI

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