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From: Philip Lindsey <>
Subject: Re: [LINDSAY] Blue eyes
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 13:39:40 -0600
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Hello List,

I have asked onlist before about any known Linds*y connections to the group
of people who are known as Melungeons. No takers at the time but, given the
location of these interesting folks, I suspect that we will find that there are
indeed some connections to some of the Linds*y lines.
In the FWIWdepartment, these people were living in Southern Appalachia when
"the settlers" moved into the mountains. They lived in cabins, were bearded, had
square doors and windows and spoke English when the settlers addressed them. When
asked who they were, they replied "Portygee" (Portuguese?) but had surnames that
were mostly Scottish. John Sevier, Revolutionary War hero and the man for whom
Sevier County, TN is named, was one of the first to encounter them and recorded
it in his diary (which I have yet to locate).
The point of this being that the physical descriptions of these people were
recorded, at that time, by the folks who found them. The Melungeons had a number
of physical qualities by which they differed from the Native Americans among whom
they lived. The most commonly mentioned, to my recollection, is the "brilliant
blue eyes" coupled with dark hair. I once read it as "an unearthly blue". To my
way of thinking, to have the "Blue Eyes" be that noticeable to remark upon (after
encountering log cabins with brass dinner bells for assembling the community
members, halfway up the Appalachians), those must have been quite a set of


josie bass wrote:

> Charles, I do too! Very light blue sparklie eyes just like my father Jack
> Swartz Lindsay, my brother had them too we are the only ones in the family
> with his eyes. his sibs I knew did not have them. and his parents were
> dead before i was born. I have always been curious about this. wonder if
> it is Cherokee?
> Still looking for his father: William H. Lindsay m. Polly ALVIS in 1802 at
> Tinkling Springs Presb. Church, Augusta Co. VA. where did they live? who
> are their other children? a son Zachariah Lindsay b 1814 m. 1835 in
> Huntsville, Alabama Martha Montgomery and lived in Lawrence Co. Alabama,
> died 1892 in Limestone Co. Alabama.
> josie
> At 07:17 AM 3/6/2002 -0500, Charles wrote:
> >I searched the archives for this list looking for other comments about "blue
> >eyes"
> >Did I miss something? I have very blue eyes. Is this a trait?
> >Charles
> >
> >
> > >>>pass on 1951, and my father 1993. I have an uncle name
> > > old blue eyes , Virgil Lindsey born the same date his father were born
> >April
> > > 14/1884
> >
> >
> >
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