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From: Ron Lindsay <>
Subject: [LINDSAY] Second Round Testing - Lindsay Surname DNA Project
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 15:42:56 -0800

Greetings Lindsay List,

Due to the stated interest by additional candidates for testing, the
Lindsay Surname DNA Project will start immediately to accept registration
for the second round of testing for new participants. If you wish to
participate in the second round of testing for the Lindsay Surname DNA
Project go to and submit the
on-line Sign Up Form, followed by a summary of your Lindsay (how ever
spelled) paternal lineage.

Pricing will remain the same as was paid by the participants of the first
round of testing for the 24 STR system Y-chromosome markers. Registration
will continue for the second round until we get an additional 15-20 new

After reviewing the information provided at the Lindsay International web
site , if potential
participants have additional questions they can contact the Project
Coordinator, Ron Lindsay via e-mail at .

The ultimate vision for this Lindsay DNA Project is to eventually gain the
participation of enough Lindsays (how ever spelled) to establish a genetic
database of Y-chromosome marker values of all known Lindsay haplotype
(s). Should a new Lindsay (how ever spelled) come along, from any part of
the world, he could get tested and immediately identify with a thoroughly
documented Lindsay lineage with which he most likely shares a common
ancestor. There is nothing wrong with a genealogist dreaming ... is there??

Ron Lindsay
Project Coordinator
Lindsay Surname DNA Project
San Jose, CA

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