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From: Helen Silvey <>
Subject: Lindsay/Masterson
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 21:47:06 -0700

I recd. snail mail from a young man in Ind. and since I have never made a
solid connection to Col. John LINDSAY, "Silverfist" and Mary Lindsay, (his
1st cousin whom he married) I haven't done any work on this line. I typed the
letter up and am sending it to the Lindsay list, maybe somebody can help him.
Also, if there is a Masterson list please feel free to post it there if you
think it would help. The letter:

P. O. Box 557
Westville, In. 46391
12 Oct., 1999

Helen Silvey
7685 Sunmore Ln.
Sacramento, Ca. 95828


On 12 Aug., 99 information was given from GenServ out of your database, It
gave your address. I got the print-out from Virginia.

The information was about Edward MASTERSON and Mary LINDSAY. It told of the
sister to my direct line, Edward, Jr., Mary LINSEY MASTERSON who married her
cousin Col. J. Lindsay. Which I am sort of familiar with a branch out of that
line by the 1926 Mary & William Quarterly.

I'm writing to know 1.) Are you a decendant? 2.) Can you add to my pedigree
on these lines? I've added a mini ahnentafel chart for what I know but want
to go further on my LINDSAY line. And it would be a miracle to find the
parentage of Edward MASTERSON, Sr. because I have a 70 generation ahnentafel
chart of Sir Thomas MASTERSON, Knight, b. 1520, d. 1590 who is a said
ancester of Edward. And I have a descenddant chart of Swayn Filius Magistri
the Ancestor of these MASTERSONS. It shows a lot of lines some 20 to 27
generations but my Edward is not listed. Its my opinion he could be the great
great grandson of either:

#1. Edward MASTERSON, b. 1610, son of Rowland (1590-1691) son of Sir Richard
(Knight) (1545-1627) who was the son of Sir Thomas (1520-1590) ;

#2. Edward MASTERSON b. 1618, son of Robert (1590-1621) son of Nicholas
(1550-1605) son of Sir Thomas (1520-1590);

#3. James MASTERSON could be the father of Edward Sr., James was the son of
John.,Jr., son of John, Sr. , son of Thomas d. 1642, son of John (1585-1629)
son of Sir Richard (1545-1627) of Ferns, Ireland. Does any of this sound

On the LINDSAYS I want to find more to add to my pedigree. Can you help?

I will exchange my whole database (on paper) with you for a paper database
on what you got. Plus some other family group sheets. Are you interested? I
want to someday preserve my history and allow my children to enjoy
knowing...I await your response.

Your truly,
Steve Wilson

The AHN:
On the ahn showing links Masterson & Lindsay from Steven Wilson the following
names are included: Wilson; Richard; Clarke; Shields until the 8th
genereation (his #s), as follows:

241. Sarah MASTERSON b 14 Feb., 1794 Ky., d. 31 Oct., 1878 In.

482. Caleb MASTERSON b abt 1758 Va., d. aft 1819 Ky.
483. (1) Jenny CHAMP

964 Edward MASTERSON, Jr., b. 1730?, M. bef 1752, d. 29 Apr., 179 N. C.
965. Mary COLEMAN

1928. Edward MASTERSON, Sr., b. 1706, d. 25 July 1754, Va.
1929. Mary LINDSAY d. aft Dec., 1768, Va.

3858 Joshua LINDSAY b. 1666 Va., d. 1720 Va. (2nd son)
3859 Mary BOLTON

7716 James LINDSAY b 1623 Scotland m. 1661, d. 1674

15432. Sir Jerome LINDSAY of Annatland, Lord Lion King-at-Arms, d. 1642
15433 (2) Agnes L. of the Mount

30865 David LINDSAY, Bishop of ross, Minister of Leigh d. 1613
30866 Sir David L. of the Mount, Lion King.

61728 Alex LINDSAY

123446 Walter LINDSAY, the Younger d. 1513

12468892 Walter LINDSAY the Elder - Desc. of Edzell.

*Descendant of Virginian Lindsays who are a branch of the house of Edzell
through the family of Annatland

Data comes from: S. J. Wilson, Tommy A. Hays, Fairfax Co. Gen. Soc., Scottish
Genealogical Society, Barth Co., Ind. Gen. Soc., Monroe Co., Gen., Soc., Ind.

He didn't state which ancestor the references belonged to.

Helen, Sacramento
The longer we live, the more we find we are like other persons.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes


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