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Subject: RE: [LINDHORST] Any others with the variation LINHORST?
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:13:58 -0700

My family is part of those located in Missouri Texas and Illinois and New
York. I am trying to find out when and why the D was dropped. Rumor has it
that my grandfather was angry at his brother and changed the spelling to
make it different.

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> To the best of my knowledge my fathers ancestors lived in an area of
> Northern
> Germany in the Hermannsburg area. Hermannsburg being a small town in the
> Celle area a short distance from Hamburg. My Father Henry migrated to the
> in 1922 at the sge of 20, his father was Karl Lindhorst who passed away in
> Hermannsburg in the 40's. There are still cousins living in that area all
> of
> whom I have met while serving there with the USAF between 1957 -1960.
> There
> are many other Lindhorst's living in Ill,Texas, Missouri, Ohio and now
> some
> in Oregon and Washington as well as Idaho. If you seek more information
> feel
> free to contact me and I will share what Info I have with you.
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