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Subject: Re: [LATTIN] Lets find all the info on the OriginalRichardLattin/Latting 1st wife
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 19:05:32 -0900
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You mentioned a Lattin book. Could you post the reference?


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> This is info from the book LATTIN. "In the year (1644), a considerable
> number of the Concord settler, with their Pastor Rev. John Jones, removed
> to Fairfield, Connecticut, Originally established in 1639. Richard Lettin
> followed and joined this settlement between August 1646 and October 18th
> of the same year. (NOTE: Fairfield was burned by the British in 1779.)
> From 1647 to 1653 Richard Lettin's name appears frequently in records of
> the General Court of Connecticut, and also of some of the inferior courts,
> as plaintiff in various suits for money demands. During these years,
> 1647-1653, he appears an owner of various town plots and lands in and
> around Fairfield, Connecticut. Town records previous to January, 1649
> were lost or destroyed and no evidence exists of purchases earlier than
> that date, although lands bounded by his are frequently mentioned in deeds
> between other parties. Anticipating his contemplated removal from
> Fairfield in January 1653, he sold all his lands i!
> n that place, principally to John Gruman and Daniel Finch. It was in this
> year (1653) that the struggles between the English and the Dutch occured
> involving their possessions in Connecticut, New York, and Long Island.
> Richard Lettin was in Fairfield as late as May 21, 1653 as appears from a
> petition by him to the General Court at Hartford ... ("complayning that
> his deafness makes him incapable of trayning and .... hee desiring to be
> freed,") was referred to the townsman of Fairfield .... ("to consider of
> it, and to free him if they see good cause.) About this time or soon
> after, he went (with son Josiah) to Hempstead, Long Island, although his
> wife and the rest of his family remained in Fairfield or its vicinity. He
> does not appear to have acquired a home in Hempstead during that year
> (1653-4) for both father and son then "lodged and dyetted" at the House of
> Ordinary kept by John Rodes in that village. He was engaged there in
> farming and so apparently continued until !
> 1660." By L. L. Smith
> Any one found old records of Fairfield or know where Richard Lettin's land
> would have been located in or near Fairfield? Regarding the Finch name
> and Gruman name... I seem to remember seeing them in other
> Lattin/Lettin/Latting records. Does anyone have a connection in
> Fairfield, Connecticut at the historical society or genealogical socity
> ..... to search old records from these date? Since there were not too
> many people living then, all probably lived a simular life and died a
> simular death. Where were the ancient burying grounds? How would a
> widowed/single woman live? Was permission from a town needed to carry out
> your life? .... if it was different than the normal life with a husband.
> I have not been able to find much on early Connecticut life. Thanks
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