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Subject: Re: Clickener/Latourette Information
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:26:32 -0600

Hi Nancy,

My husband is descended from Mary Latourette and Mathias Clickener. I
have never seen his name as Marcus before this. I have a copy of a
Clickener genealogy that was done by a professional genealogist, and his
name appears as Matthias. I also have a Latourette/Clickener genealogy
that was done by someone and his name is Matthias in that one also. I
have several other pieces of information including a copy of a page from
a Clickener family Bible, and they all show his name as Matthias or
Mathias. There is only one reference to a Maticus/Mathias.


Since Sandra posted the biography on John LaTourette Clickener, I
noticed that it showed he was the son of MARCUS and Mary (LaTourette)
Clickener. The will below of John Latourette names daughter, Mary
Clickinger and names as executor, son-in-law Matthias Clickinger. Is
anyone researching this line? Is it Marcus or Matthias? How about
Clickener or Clickenger?

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