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From: "tiny tike" <>
Subject: [LAORLEAN-L] Death certificate done by St. Louis?
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:48:16 -0700

Hi Everyone,
I received a death certificate for the year 1856, which appears to have been
filled in by a Antoine Dubue/Bubue or Lubue, secretary of the church
wardens/maidens (?) of the Cathedral of St. Louis.

Why would this person fill out the death certificate? None of the other
death certificates I received had this information.
Also does this mean that more than likely that the Archdiocese has
additional information on this person?

It says the deceased died in a house situated on Bassin (?) Street, between
Bienville and Custom House Streets. Which of course is not the location of
the Cathedral.

The Labue looks like an L in one place, yet a B or a D in another place. I
say a D as there was a signature of a Delery on this certificate and the
letter looks the same.

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