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Subject: [LAORLEAN-L] St Anthony's Chapel
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:32:41 EDT

I'd like to thank everyone who responded to me personally or on this list
regarding where Saint Anthony's Chapel was located.

***400 block of N. Rampart St. was once known as St. Anthony's Chapel

***St. Anthony of Padua Church is on Canal St. in New Orleans

***St. Anthony Chapel was located in the French Quarter and close by the
Cathedral.  It may have been the building now occupied by St. Mary's Italian

Being my Great Grandfather lived on North Peters near "Hospital St." (today
Gov. Nicholls St.) my guess this chapel today more than likely is St. Mary's
wouldn't you say? Not knowning NO well I think I saw St. Mary's near by which
then would have been almost be in his backyard.

My g-grandfather RANDAZZO has been one heck of nut to crack. In his second
marriage after my g- grandmother died in 1870 he remarried.

*I find more than one IGNAZIO RANDAZZO (first name spelled several different

* Birth date: All listed being only 3 years different.

*All born in Palermo.

*Street on N. Peters I find two (different numbers) on census including my
grandfather's birth certif.

*The 1900 census I find two listed again, one living in New Orleans the other
Plaquemines Parish, LA. (children listed but not my grandfather who could
have been listed as Nino). If he did live in Plaquemines Parish they really
killed his Surname!

*Different marriage dates for the second wife and the real kicker married
someone with the same first name spelled again different ways yet the meaning
is still the same (Catherine, Caterina, Catarine, Kate, etc)!

Talk about a puzzle and the pieces are all over! I envy all of you who can
fit your pieces into the correct slot.

Thanks again

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