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Yes, I believe the predecessor to the Academy of the Sacred Heart opened on St. Peter's around 1861/2. Moved to present location in 1888. I have written to them and I'm hoping for a response. It would be great if they had archives on earliest students. There's a chance she was at the Sacred Heart Academy in Grand Coteau before that. If she were, would the individual students show up on the 1860 census? Would the school be listed in the census index under it's name, or under name of headmistress? And was there a state census of New Orleans in 1865 that might show a student at the New Orleans school? - Ray

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There was/is a Sacred Heart School in New Orleans and I believe it was/is on St. Peter.

I believe a nun many many years ago started many Sacred Heart Schools throughout this state and maybe many more. I believe she was just declared a Saint of the Catholic Church.

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