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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:17:54 -0800 (PST)
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First, thanks to all who helped clear up the "Party" list. I am sorry to be a pest. Clyde is the best. I have subscribed to other county lists and never had as much info or interaction as this list. Most of the credit goes to Clyde for keeping us all excited about the possibilities of learning more about our ancestors and helping us to get together. I, too am looking forward to the 4th of July celebration. Thanks, Clyde.
Second, just some info to pass on. I have found in my research that many of my ancestors were burried in the Lexington Cemetery even tho, they resided in Jessamine Co. They have a searchable web site: The search in not perfect so don't panic if you don't find your people. And if you do find someone the best part is that there is a lot more info at the Cemetery records office.(I guess it would be better if it was on online-oh well.)
So the next time you are in the Lexington area be sure to check out this cemetery.
Good luck,
Cynthia in Ann Arbor

wrote: Cynthia,

Yes, the list is a few shy, but the list in the actual source is a few more
than 40. This is the list from the source "Jessamine County, Its Survey in
1796 - When Organize - Who Gave It Its Name" by S.M. Duncan. According to
the source, the author "Their names were recorded in the old blank book
presented to me by the late John Lancaster 30 years ago". I believe this to
probably be the most accurate of the lists.

I hope this helps.

Maj. Benjamin Netherland,
Col. Percival Butler (father of the late Gen. W.O. butler of Carrollton)
Daniel Bryan
James Irvin
Col. Joseph Prewitt
John Todd
Ben Adams
Peter Simpson
Robert Campbell
Abraham Cassell
John Hawkins
Col. George Walker
Rev. Nathaniel Harris
Archibald Bristow
Manoah Singleton
John McKinney
Jeremiah King
Paul Arnspiger
Alexander Willoughby
Jacob Grindstaff
Michael Grindstaff
Rev John Walters
William Barnett
George Talbott
Byrd Prewitt
John Carroll
William Dangerfield
George Allcorn
Issac Roman
Alexander Murrain
Richard Martin
col. John Price
Francis Bourne
Andrew Bourne
James Adams
Samuel McDowell
Elias Hite
Gabrial Madison
James Crutcher
Benj. Bradshaw
Kenyan Jenkins
Peter Powell
Peter Pollock
William Moseley
William Shreve

Jo Arnspiger

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