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Subject: [KYJESSAMINE] Jessamine County,KY
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 09:54:40 -0500

Morning All,

Hay, Ketty. I got some announcement about the following I would like to
post them to the Web-Page a little later. Will it be OK?

Last years after we had our picnic we headed up the Kentucky River in the
Paddle Wheeler, "Dixie Bell". The banjo playing, people were talking and
laughing. I taught to my self, it don't get any better then this. I had
told you, before you came to Kentucky that we were going a memory to take
home that would last you the rest of you life. I think we accomplished
what we set out to do. I know I will remember it the rest of my life.
The only bad thing, is how do you top something like that. It's going to
be hard, but we are going to try.

After the Revolutionary War, many soldiers came to Kentucky to start a
new life. Jessamine County, seemed to attract great many of them. This
year we would like to honor these men with a 4th of July Celebration.
Not, an ordinary 4th of July Celebration, like you and I are accustom,
but one as seen through their eyes.

On the 4th of July 1794, about three miles north-west from where I am
writing you, Col. William Price gather forth Revolutionary Soldiers on
the front lawn of his house a held a celebration of their Independence.
The next day Col. Price writes a letter to Governor Isaac Shelby. He
says in his letter, "It was a glorious sight to behold, I wish King
George III and Lord North could have witness the scene in the wilds of

"The Wilds of America". I like that. They had just won their
Independence 13 years earlier. The state of Kentucky was only 2 years
old at the time. How would you have liked to been there?

Col. Price's house is still there, and so it his front lawn where all
this took place. If we were to invite you to a 4th of July Celebration
Col. Price's, would you come?

We have a good documentation on what took place on that 4th of July, 208
years ago. We can feed you the same food, you can lesion to the music,
and speeches. You can also join in on a few toast. The only thing we
want have is that keg of peach brandy.

I have a list of the Rev. Soldiers that were there that day. I am
compiling a little about each one of them, would like to mention them,
and tell of their lives. If you would like to honor your Revolutionary
ancestor, in Kentucky here is you chance.

Well, tell me what you think. Can you come?


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