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Subject: [KYJESSAM] Re: KYJESSAM-D Digest V00 #97
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 16:50:04 EDT

I have been to the Antique Roadshow in Tulsa Oklahoma and I come home to find
my name mentioned in several situations here!

Miss Shelia, no great grandmother would be caught dead in the white shorts
that female wore in that picture with Tony and Bryce! So there!

But I tell you, JoAnn, Bryce sent me a picture of me in the front seat of
the vehicle on the tour, and it is worth a mint to me! Now I can prove I
been there, done that!

Yes, I assume most of us, except Dick, are home again and ready to tackle
something else. I have enjoyed reading about the cemetery clean-up
possibilities that have surfaced and certainly agree that this can be
accomplished. I just know those local folks will get onto this as soon as
they find out they are needed and expected to retain their history. The
Dickerson Cemetery cleanup is a great example of what one person can do!
Good job, Bryce!

I will get my letters written soon to the Jessamine upper echelon, but I
have been gadding around and not been here to even read my mail. But will be
organized soon and back on the puter.

Question, Bill has a Rev War ancestor, but he was in Lincoln County, must be
buried there, but we were not lucky enough to locate the grave. May we add
him to the list? Want to get involved in that.


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