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From: "Sherri" <>
Subject: Re: [KYARC] MSG from SFM - No action required yet
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 23:44:05 -0400
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OK, I'll make sure to keep copies for you.

Hope you're enjoying yourself.


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Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 9:38 PM
Subject: Re: [KYARC] MSG from SFM - No action required yet

Hi again, Sherri.

I'm just checking in again from asea. I was concerned about the Archives
and earlier messages instructing us to back up those files.

Thanks for the brief status report. I promise that I *cannot* add anything
at this point! Maybe being afloat in the Western Pacific is the best place
to be right now.

Will contact you and Tom when I return to get the very latest instructions
for county and archives web pages.


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; > Date: Wed, 19 Mar
2008 06:30:02 -0400> Subject: Re: [KYARC] MSG from SFM - No action required
yet> > Hi Everyone,> > I thought I'd provide an update to you about what's
going on with the KY> Archives move since I'm the one that actually has the
backed up files.> > As Tom mentioned, there's nothing that you, as FMs, need
to do at this time> - sit back and consider this a short vacation. I
actually will ask PLEASE,> don't make any updates or upload any files to the
archives on RW. If you> do, when we get everything moved you will have lost
everything you've done> because the backup from Saturday the 15th will be
the one uploaded to the> new Archives site.> > If you've made any updates to
pages in your archive_html folder either> Saturday or since, please drop me
a note and I'll pull more current copies> of the pages and get them
uploaded. I have copies of everything t!
hat has> been uploaded through the automated forms, so you shouldn't need
to notify> me of those.> > Once I get the files uploaded to the new server
and check to make sure they> all got there like they should have, I'll
notify Joy Fisher and David Crosby> and David will run a server based script
that will change ALL of the URLs in> the new site to reflect the new URLs
that we'll have to use for the files to> find each other. He will stop all
automated uploads to RW and switch them> over to the new server. At this
time, the new ftp information and passwords> will be sent to everyone and
you WILL HAVE TO download new copies of ALL> files in your county folders,
both the archive_ftp and archive_html folders.> This is REQUIRED so that
you'll have the current versions of the files that> have the updated URLS.
If you don't do this, you'll have to MANUALLY change> ALL of these URLs so
they can be found by the search engines. Once you> download new copies of
all of your county's in!
formation, you'll be able to> start back to work.> > It's really not a s
difficult as it sounds, trust me. Tom, Suzanne and I> will be here to answer
any questions or to refer them higher up the ladder.> It's working for about
10 states already as we try to move the files to the> new servers. There are
several of us uploading at the same time - we're> overloading the servers at
times, so everyone gets kicked off and we have to> start over. This rain
yesterday, today and tomorrow aren't helping the> matter any as some of us
have seen slow downs of the upload speeds. <groan>> > We'll keep you updated
as things move along. I'm hoping that by Sunday> we'll be back in business
in our new home.> > Sherri> > > -----Original Message-----> From:
[mailto:] On> Behalf Of
Thomas Hembrey> Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 2:51 PM> To: KyArc FMs>
Subject: [KYARC] MSG from SFM - No action required yet> > Counties are being
uploaded to the new server. No FM action is required.> > In order to be sure
we don't get !
lost in the current transition being> conducted by USGWARCH, all FMs need
to back up a copy of their> work-in-progress TOC pages and supporting html
web pages. All county> archive ftp files as of 15 March are now in a
repository to be included with> a global upload to another location.> > This
means:> 1) Any current updates after 15 March or last weekend could be
overwritten> 2) ONLY Rootsweb server reference links will be affected by the
transition> 3) You will be informed of the revised URL for all state and
county web> pages after the transition has been completed> 4) The state TOC
page will be revised with all county web pages at the same> time> 5) The
access password for KYGWARCH ftp and html uploading will be posted on> this
mail list when those directories are ready for you to use> 6) DO NOT upload
any more archive files to the RW server - hold them until> you have access
to the new server> 7) Notify your KYGW Project CC when you have seen the end
of this transition>!
8) Use the DAILY-UPLOADS resource to verify automated form submission s
don't> get lost for your county> > > HINTS:> Don't do anything out of the
ordinary until you hear from Suzanne or myself> Put all your work on hold
for at least the next few days or so Save any> rework or revisions you have
done in the last few days and will do in the> next few ALL counties will be
in the same state directory on the new server> (no change in directory
structure!!!) No question or concern will go> unresolved or not be addressed
properly We will have password access to the> new server very soon> > > The
good news is we are seeing total and absolute support from the USGWARCH>
committee and The gurus plan on helping us with their>
global tools to replace all revised URLs so we may not have to do anything>
other than review and backup the TOC pages when the transition is completed>
successfully. It looks like the headaches will be very minimal and the move>
will be smooth as silk. Thank you for your patience and please reassure>
your contributor!
s they will not have to worry about continuing to trust the> KyArchives as
a place to deposit their information for posterity. It is> well protected.>
> Tom Hembrey> SFM, KYGWARCH> > -------------------------------> To
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