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Subject: [KORNEGAY] Documents for George Kornegay [SR]
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:43:58 EDT

3/20/2008 John < writes >: Kathlynn, What
documents do you have on George SR?

3/24/2008 Kathlynn writes: John, et al, Here is all the documents that I
have....if you have others will you please send to me? Corrections requested.

More About Marriage of Mary Fisher? [no proof] and George Kornegay - Notes
They, like his parents, are the ancestors of our Simpson family three times
[and also all Arkansas descendants of Miller & Nancy Ward Kornegay],
therefore, have become termed as "triple Kornegay's." We descended from two of
their sons: Jacob, via two of his children, John and Roxalana. And we descended
from their son George, Jr. through his daughter Sevil Louella. First cousins
John and Sevil married. And Roxalana married John Ward. In the following
generation John and Sevil's son, Miller married first cousin Nancy Ward,
daughter of Roxalana.

Preface: [a] After George reached maturity Jacob Miller saw that he received
his 250 acres of land that was promised. The settlers justly regarded the
250 acres allotted to each family as their own and occupied these lands on the
Neuse and Trent Rivers for several years totally unaware that DeGraffenried
had mortgaged their lands to Colonel Pollock. It was soon after they had
married and started their family on this very land that disaster struck
again.....In 1733, the Colonel's son, Cullen Pollock, came into possession of his
father's property and ordered the eviction of the colonists in the dead of
winter and the lands were claimed and taken, causing them considerable
inconvenience and distress.....see more detailed information below on July 13, 1747
Petition to King George. [b] He was one of the founders of New Berm.

Documents of Proof for Claims:
1. January 5, 1740, George [NOTE: surname spelled Renegee on this
following document] was among those Palatines who petitioned King George for relief
and the Crown mercifully came to their rescue. Land grants to replace those
which were lost by foreclosure were issued by the Colonial Council to each
settler: Colonel [sic] Records of Wm. Sanders - printed 1886 of N.C.
1734-1752: Tue [sic] of Her Majesty's Proclamation Laid Out to Us. We your distressed
petitioners being in an unknown part of the world and quite destitute of any
assistance was obliged to submit to him the said Pollock who under colours
of a relapsed patent holds the land to this day. That in the year one thousand
seven hundred and forty seven, the fifth day of January the Heir of Colonel
Thomas Pollock came to our Plantations to turn us off from our possessions by
virtue of Authority in order to settle the Rebels the Scots in our
Possessions it being in the dead time of winter not knowing which way to go with our
Families by which we were compelled to give him our bonds for as much as he
pleased to ask. That your Petitioner most humbly prays that your most sacred
Majesty will be pleased to award us your poor Petitioners who have undergone
the Fatigues of so long and Tedious a war against the Barbarous Indians a
Decree for our said land and at any term of rents under your most gracious
Majesty, as to your Majesty may seem meet. And your Distressed Petitioners as in
Duty bound will ever pray. Signed: Philip Feneyer - Christian Esler - Herman
Grumm - Peter Ender - Joseph Puger - Adam Moor - Abraham Busit - Henry Morris
- Jacob Eilbach - Nicholas Rimer - John Kinsey - Andrew Wallis - John Simons
- Daniel Simons - George Sneider - Frederick Market - Caspter Risheed -
Michael Shelfer - Ino [sic] Lekgan Miller - GEORGE RENEGEE [sic] - John Kensey -
Philip Omend - Henry Grest - Jacob Miller - Christian Walker - Mathias
Reasonover - Dennis Moor - John Granade - John Rimer - Michael Gesibel - Christian
Baver - Peter Reyet - Michael Riser - Peter Lots - Daniel Tetchey - Peter
Pellman - Abraham Baver - Christian Ganter - Simon Kahler - Jacob Huber - Ino
[sic] Bernard Shonewoolf - Christian Hubbach. [Source: Book titled Kornegay
History 1710-1986 by Charles D. Kornegay].
[Compiler Kathlynn comments: [a] I keyed the above exactly as found on page
10 [b] I believe the first word Colonel is a typo and should be
Colonial. [b] Surname Renegee? I highly suspect the letter R was misread by
whoever originally transcribed this from the old original
handwritten document [or when it was keyed in this publication] and it should be
Kernegee....as it is spelled on the following land grants. [c] I
capitalized George's name for easy find...it was not capitalized in the book].

2. August 2, 1740, Names of Persons Identifying Themselves as Palatines -
In Palatines in Craven Documents - Containing List of Names - Contract
dated Aug. 2, 1740: Craven Deeds record a contract "To build one house of worship
or Chapel on Trent River in Craven County in the Province of North Carolina
out of one stock of cattle which a certain person hath willed and given for
the use of the Palatines or Germans." "To build the same Church or Chapel for
the use of the High Germans of the Church of England....on the south side of
Trent River between the ferry and John Kinsey's plantation....the name or
title of the same Church or Chapel is to be called The Palatine Church or the
High German Chapel." "Building undertakers were Jacob Sheets - John Simons -
John Kensey - Peter Remm. Signing for the parties of the second part were:
"Subscribers" John Simons - Jacob Sheets - Wm. Frank - Christian Slobbock
[sic] - George Snyder [sic] - Ino [sic] Letcher Miller - Peter Andrews - John
Kinsey - Jacob Fulch - Rich'd Pickel - Dan'l Fulch - Alez'r Steel - Michael
Remns - Christian Slobbock, Jr. [sic]- Jacob Rezenover - John Peter Remn -
Matthew Rezenover - Casper Ressheal - Vinc't Ameat - George Coons [sic] - GEORGE
CONNEGUE [sic] - Jacob Ipock - Wm. [Boru]? [sic]. [Source: Ibid - Charles
Kornegay book -pg 11].

3. July 13, 1747, Petition to King George II from Persons Identifying
Themselves as Palatines or Descendants of Palatatines Presented to the Council at
Whitehall, London....Excerpts from the petition [sic]: Your Petitioners
being sent Six hundred in Number under the care Of Christopher De Graffenreid
[sic] Baronet....for peopling and Settling Plantations in North Carolina...in
the year 1709 [sic]....arrived in America....North Carolina....in the year 1711
Indians broke out against and destroyed several Familys [sic]....Our Trustee
[DeGraffenreid =sic] was taken by the Indians....then came one Thomas
Pollock who ruled both Governor and County and acted in the behalf as a
General....sent his Captain William Brice to take all the Dutch that was able to bear
Arms....as soon as Our Trustee departed [from America in 1712 - CRH=sic]
Colonel thomas Pollock came to Our Settlements and took every thing, even the
millstones and left us without any assistance intirely [sic] Naked to the Mercy of
the Indians....in the year 1747, the 5th day of January the Heir of Colonel
Thomas Pollock came to our Plantation to turn us off from Our Possessions by
Virtue of Authority in Order to Settle the Rebels the Scots in our
Possessions, it being in the dead time of winter-not knowing which way to go with our
familys [sic]. Signers of the Petition [Purporting to be Palatines or
Descendants of Palatine Imigrants=sic) Philip Fennijer [sic] - Christian Eslar -
Herman Grum - Peter Ender (Ander=sic] - Joseph Perger - Adam Moor - Abraham Buset
- Dannis Moor - John Granad - John Rimer - Michael Gesbel (used to be
Kissible=sic) - Christian Bauer - Peter Reyel - Michael Riser - Henry Morris -
Jacob Eibach - Nicholaus Rimer - John Kensey - Andrew Wallis - Henry Gerst -
Jacob Miller - Christian Walker - Matthias Risenover - John Kinsey (name
twice=sic) - Daniel Tetchey - Peter Pellman - Abraham Bauer - [used to be
Bowers=sic] - Christian Ganter - Peter Lots [used to be Luttz=sic] - John Simons -
Daniel Simons - George Sneider [sic]- Frederick Merkert - Caspar Rishied - John
Letger Miller [sic] - GEORGE kENEGE - Simon Kehler - Jacob Huber - John
Bernhard Shonewoolf - Christian Slubbach [sic] - Philip Omend - Michael Shelffer.
Compiler Kathlynn comments:
a. I keyed the above exactly as found on page 12 of book titled Kornegay
History by Charles D. Kornegay.
b. I capitalized George Kenege's name for easy find....it was not

Compiler Kathlynn comments: In 1749, Duplin Co., was organized. Later,
Jones Co., was organized in this area and land transactions and wills of his
descendants are found there. Between 1736 and 1756, George received several Land
Grants in Craven, New Hanover, and Duplin Counties. During George's
lifetime he accumulated vast land holdings which extended from Craven County into
the present-day counties of Sampson, Duplin, and Wayne. George remained in
Craven Country all of his life. Several of his children inherited and settle on
the land he acquire in the other counties and his descendants are currently
spread throughout these three counties and Jones County.

4. Land grants to George Kornegay in the many different spellings of his
name can be found in Vol. 4, Colonial Records of NC.
Pg. 273: Mar. 7, 1736/37........... 200 A - Craven Co.
Pg. 447: ................................... 640 A - Craven Co. on north
side of Trent River.
Pg. 617: May 5, 1742 the following persons were admitted to prove their
rights in order to their taking of Land - viz GEO. KERNEGEE - Craven White 10,
Black 6.
Pg. 627/28: ............................. 50 A - New Hanover
Pg. 635: July 25, 1743............. 50 A - New Hanover
Pg. 799: Mar. 13, 1745/46......... 50 A - New Hanover
Pg. 800: Mar. 14, 1745/46........ 100 A - New Hanover
Pg. 850/51: Mar. 5, 1745/47..... 100 A - Craven
Pg. 952: April 13, 1749............. 100 A - Craven
Pg. 953: April 14, 1749............. 100 A - Craven
Pg. 967/68: Oct. 13, 1749......... 100 A - New Hanover
Pg. 1238: Mar. 27, 1751........... 100 A - Craven

5. He was a member of the Duplin Foot Militia in 1754 and 1755.

His Will states he was a "Planter" (original settler and, or, Plantation
owner) and names his wife, Susannah, and ten children to which he left a large
plantation (almost 3,000 acres), crops, houses, household goods within doors
and without, several slaves, cows, calves, horses, hogs, three ewes, one ram,
one mare, linen chill, large vessel, canoe, distill, tar kiln to be finished,
brandy, cider, hides, leather, and more. He names Daniel and Elijah as
minors and states if Joseph does not return in three years his part is to be
divided equally between Abraham and David.

By the time of his death at about age 73, George was owner of a large
tobacco plantation in Duplin Co., NC (his section of NC is still a leading tobacco
growing region) and large tracts in other counties. He owned several
thousands of acres in Craven, Dobbs (present day Wayne and Lenoir Counties), Duplin
and Jones Counties. He owned land in Dobbs Co., on Falling Creek and in
Duplin Co., on Beaverdam and Cape Fear.

His original burial place is not certain, however, he was probably buried at
Alum Springs "Kornegay Old Burial Ground" on his land at Kornegay Bridge on
the Northeast Cape Fear River in Dublin Co.,. His memorial stone is now at
Red Hill in Wayne Co., a few miles up the river from Kornegay Bridge.

6. Nov. 21, 1773 date LWT was written and Probated Nov. 29, 1773: LWT of
George Kornegay Sr. Craven County, NC - Original found in NC State Archives,
Secretary Of State File: N THE NAME OF GOD - AMEN, I George Kornegay [sic]
of the Co., and Province aforesaid planter being weak & low in body but in
sound mind & memory, and considering the uncertainty of this life, do make and
ordain and declare this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following,
First it is my will & desire that my just debts & funeral charges be paid
by my Executors hereafter named and my Estate by them to be divided as
followeth Imprimis. I give to my well beloved wife Susannah one Negro wench named
Hannah and six cows & calves and three sows and a young mare with their
increase to be her property for ever.
Item - I lend to my wife the use of third part of my plantation during her
natural life not to be rented nor leased nor hired nor sold for any term of
time to any person out of my family, also I give to my wife the third part of
my crop now standing for her support of my two children.
Item - I give to my wife one Linnen Wheel and all the household goods which
was her own before to remain her property, also my riding horse named
Cromwell to her & her heirs and assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son Daniel three hundred & fifty (350) acres of land
joining my son David's land mentioned in the Deed of Gift and Robert Orme's line
to him the said Daniel his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son Daniel one Mulatto girl named Pegg, one Negro named
Anthoney to him the said Daniel his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son Elijah three hundred (300) acres of land lying in
Dobbs Co., upon Falling Creek on the Southwest side of Thunder Swamp and one
Negro girl named Rachel and the increase of her the said Rachel to be equally
shared & divided between my two sons named Daniel & Elijah when of age, which
Negroes are to be in my wife's care and use for the benefit of schooling of
my said children if sufficient and that according to the conduct and judgement
of my Executors hereafter named, thence those Negroes to be the property of
my two sons Daniel & Elijah them and their heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - It is my will and desire that my Executors may & shall purchase one
Negro wench out of my Estate to the best advantage every way for the use and
benefit of my two sons Daniel and Elijah to have an equal share in the
increase when of age to them & their heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son Elijah six cows & calves with the increase to him &
heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - It is my desire that those cattle which I have given to my two sons
Daniel & Elijah that my Executors may sell for them and the money arising be
put to interest, which interest shall be for the benefit in raising and
schooling my two sons Daniel & Elijah keep them and make good the principle.
Item - I give & bequeath to my eldest son John Kornegay two hundred (200)
acres of land including the houses and a part of the plantation whereon I now
live to be divided by a direct line from the river to the back line, and four
hundred (400) acres of land whereon my son John now lives it being part of my
old patent, and three Negroes named Sam, Will, and Ben, and fifty (50) acres
of land in the fork of the Beaverdam and all the cattle, horses & mares that
is in his proper mark or brand or hath been called his own and three ewes &
a ram to him the said John Kornegay his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son Jacob Kornegay all the land joining his line on the
Southwest side of the Northeast Branch in Duplin Co., it being the land for
which I have given him a Deed containing six hundred and forty (640) acres,
and two Negroes named Pompey and York now in his possession and all the cattle
& horses that is in his mark or brand to him the said Jacob his heirs &
assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son George Kornegay one hundred & fifty (150) acres of
land in the fork of the Beaverdam on the North East in Duplin Co., and fifty
(50) acres of land over Spring Branch toward Munt's in Duplin Co., and two
Negroes named Boston and Pope and all the cattle & Stock that is in his mark or
brand to him his heirs or assigns for ever, and also three hundred & fifty
(350) acres of land on the Horse Pen Branch in Duplin Co., to him the said
George his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my son William Kornegay fifty (50) acres of land lying on
Buck Marsh and two Negroes named Jack and _____ and all the cattle and horses
that is in his mark or brand to him his heirs and assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my daughter Mary Debruhl all the cattle & horses that is in
her mark or brand to her and her heirs and assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my sons John and David Kornegay the great Distillery which
is now on my plantation for their use for ever.
Item - I give to my son Joseph Kornegay five hundred (500) acres of land in
Three Patents on the North East of Cape Fear joining Johnston's line and two
Negroes named Toney & Peter, and a part of my stock of cattle not willed
before to be equally divided between my three sons Joseph, Abraham and David and
if the said Joseph doth not return home within three years then my sons
Abraham and David shall have that part of my son Josephs to be equally divided by
my Executors to them the said Abraham & David to be their property and their
heirs and assigns for ever.
Item - I desire that my Vessel may be sold at Public Vendue and the money
arising there from to be equally divided between my two sons Daniel & Elijah
for their use for ever.
Item - I desire that the Tar kiln which is now standing may be finished in
order for the tar to be sold also the turpentine and millstones and the
remainder part of my crop may be sold by my Executors and the money arising
therefrom to be equally divided between my two sons Daniel & Elijah and for the
trouble & time that my sons Abraham and David with their Negroes & horses shall
be at in helping to burn the Tar kiln into tar and the turpentine and
millstones in order to be sold, they shall have all the brandy and cyder and the
hides of leather made this present year not excluding the Executors a share
therein on the same amount in assisting to sell and raise the money of the
Item - I give to my wife and my two sons Daniel & Elijah all my hogs not
willed before to be divided equally by my Executors to them & their heirs &
assigns for ever.
Item - I give to my sons John and David my large canoe to their use for ever.
Item - I give and bequeath to my sons Joseph, Abraham and David all my
household good of what nature or kind soever within doors or without also all the
horses cattle and sheep not willed before to be equally divided between my
sons Joseph, Abraham, and David and if my son Joseph doth not return within
three years then his part shall be equally divided by my Executors between my
sons Abraham and David to be their property to them & their heirs & assigns for
Item - It is my will and desire that my sons John, Jacob and George may be
and are appointed my Trustees and Guardians for my two sons Daniel and Elijah
and that they may bind them by indentures to some tradesman according to the
best of their judgment and the consent of my wife and according to Law.
Item - Lastly I nominate and appoint my sons John, Jacob and George Kornegay
my Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and do hereby utterly
disallow, disannul, and make void every other Will or Wills, Legacy, & Bequests
heretofore made or done, willed or bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and
no other to be my last Will and Testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 21st day of Nov.
1773. Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by George Kornegay Sen. as his
last Will and Testament in the presence of us. John Granady, Morgan Smith
Landery, Ruben (his mark R.A.) Andrews
his George GK Kornegay
The above last Will & Testament of George Kornegay was proved before me this
29th day of Nov. 1773 by the oath of John Granade one of the subscribing
witnesses thereto who swore that he was present and did see the said Testator
sign seal publish and declare the same to be & contained in Last Will and
Testament and that at the time thereof he was of sound mind & memory and John,
Jacob and George Kornegay the Executors therein named having qualified by taking
the oaths of Executors agreeable to law. It is ordered that Letters of
Testamentary issue thereon accordingly. /s/
Jo Martin
Compiler Kathlynn comments: It is interesting to note the above spelling of
signer Morgan Smith Landrey vs Morgan Smith Sanders in Charles Kornegay's

Miscellaneous Information:
1. Wayne Co., NC - Newspaper: Kornegay-Parker Plantation which lies in
western Wayne Co., between Dudley & Mount Olive may have a fair claim to being
one of the oldest houses in the Co.,. The house & surrounding lands were
first owned by the Kornegay family & then purchased by James R. Parker in the
1840s. The property has been held by the Parker family since then & is today
owned by M. L. Parker of Dudley. The founding father of the Kornegay family
which built the interesting two story house near Thunder Swamp, came to New
Bern with Baron DeGraffenreid's colony of Palatines (Swiss Germans) in 1710
[Extracted tidbit from ......see complete article in George Lullum Kornegay

2. There is currently a Kornegay town or community in Duplin Co., and a
sign at the location with "Kornegay" on it. A very nice place. It can be
found on a map. It's located 16 miles South East of Mount Olive NC where NC 11
and NC 111 actually cross in an "X" fashion. NC 903 also runs through this
area. To help you locate the intersection: NC 11 goes from Kenansville to
Kinston via Kornegay and Pink Hill. Also NC 111 goes from Goldsboro to
Beauleville via Albertson and Kornegay. And NC 403 goes from Kenansville to LaGrange
via Kornegay and Albertson. [From descendant/researcher Ruth Westbrook, she
lives in Albertson about a mile from Kornegay].

3. 4/11/2006 Ruth Westbrook >
(mailto:) writes: In case you didn't have the opportunity to see this.
Ruth-----Original Message-----From: (mailto:) - Sent:
Monday, April 10, 2006 10:41 PM - To:
(mailto:) - Subject: [NCWAYNE] Duplin Times Herald Kornegay Article from
1930's - Transcribed by Barbara Shore - Notes from Judge Huxford: George
Kornegay of Craven Co., NC moved to Duplin County. First of name in America.
According to his own statement, he was one of a company of German Palatines
who immigrated to America with Baron deGraffenreid 1709-1710. They founded New
Bern, NC between 1736 and 1756. For a while he lived near Alum Springs and
Kornegay's Bridge. In 1754-1755 he was in Duplin Foot Militia. He died in
Craven Co. Nov 1773 aged about 86. *His Wife's name is unknown.
Daniel - living in Jones Co., NC 1795
Elijah - living in Wayne Co., 1795; died without issue
John - lived in Jones and Duplin Counties
Jacob - lived in Duplin Co. died 1796. Married Mary Ward 19 Jul 1777 and
had: John, Martin (md. Sasama Rogers and Patsy Turnage), Ann Civil (md. Wm.
Duncan and ? Flowers); George-lived in Duplin Co; Luke-died w/o issue 1820;
Bryan; Abram; Henry; Penelope (md. Nathan Garner); Rebecca (md Jedediah B.
Foley); Mary (md. James Carraway, lived in Wayne Co., NC); No name (md. John
George - lived in Duplin Co. Died 1808. Wife unknown. In old age he married
Mr.(sic) Mourning Wiggins of Wayne Co., NC. George's children by 1st wife
were: George; Civil (md. John Kornegay); Daniel of Wayne Co., NC; David (md.
Zelpha Oliver); Basil (md. Tobitha King, d/William King and Margaret DeVane and
sister to William Rufus King, Vice President of U.S. and moved to Dallas
Co., Alabama. Basil was Surveyor and Representative of Duplin Co.; Jacob (md.
Elizabeth Wiggins) lived in Wayne Co.
William lived at Kornegay's Bridge; died 1812; wife Elizabeth Outlaw, d/o
Edward and Patience Whitfield Outlaw. Issue: William; David; Isaac; Catherine
Brock and Mrs. Esther Woolen; George Fisher Kornegay; Zelph (md. Edward
Outlaw, son of Capt. James Outlaw); Elizabeth (md. Daniel Glesson, Sheriff of
Duplin Co, as well as Representative and Senator); Nancy (md. Fredrick Grady and
moved to KY). David of Duplin Co. No record.
Abraham-lived in Jones Co., NC
Mary (md. Edward Cornwallis DeBruhl)
Joseph (md. Nancy Beck, d/o John).
Kathlynn comments: I believe some of the above information is incorrect:
1. Ref: "George Sr moved to Duplin Co." *I agree with John Martin Oates,
Jr. on pg. 3 of his book titled The Palatine Immigrant he states: "I do not
know of any documentation that George Kornegay, Sr. lived in Duplin County at
any time, nor were any of his children born anywhere ecept in Craven County"].

2. Ref: "George Sr died in Craven Co., in 1773 age about 86." *I believed
this is incorrect. It would make him born 1687 and age 24 when he was
captured during the 1711 Indian raid/massacre and there are just are too many other
documents found later that indicate he was just a young boy at the time of
the Indian raid].
3. Ref: "His wife's name is unknown?" *It is believed his 1st wife was
Mary Fisher, however, there is no doucmented proof, only preponderance of
evidence: There were Fishers in the area during this time frame, plus George Sr's
only daughter Mary Kornegay m: 1st Daniel Simmons and m: 2nd Edward
Cornwallis DeBruhl, named her daughter Mary Fisher DeBruhl, and George Sr's son
William named a son George Fisher Kornegay and William's son Joseph named a son
George Fisher Kornegay and there may be other descendant with the middle name
Fisher that I am not aware of. 2nd wife of George Kornegay, Sr. was
erroneously claimed by earlier researchers to be Susannah STECHEY Stevens also found as
Tetsche and Teachey. Per descendant/researcher Daniel Fagg, Jr: No such
person has ever been found in the public records. His 2nd wife was Susannah
HARROLD m: 1st to Samuel McCubbins, 2nd to George Kornegay Sr and 3rd to Charles
Stevenson. Susannah Harrold's parents are Thomas Harrold & Elizabeth
Francke. Elizabeth's parents are Johann Martin Francke & Sevil Miller. Sevil is
the d.o. the Jacob Miller that took into his care the orphans George Kornegay
and George Koonce, promised to teach them to read and write, to take care of
them until 21 years of age, and to have them taught a carpenter's trade.
The whole families of these orphans were killed during the 1711 Tuscurora Indian
4. Ref: "Jacob lived in Duplin Co., died 1796." *Jacob married 1st.
Elizabeth ________?, widow of John Fontaine and their children are the above John,
Martin, Anne Civil, George, plus Roxalana not named in the article, but she
is the above "No name md. John Ward." Jacob married 2nd wife Mary Ward and
their children are the above Luke, Bryan, Abram, Henry, Penelope, Rebecca and
5. Ref: "George Duplin Co. died 1808 wife unknown." * Earlier researchers
claimed George Jr m: 1st. Margaret Downing a widow of Mr. ____? Lullum. I have
done extensive research and have not produced any documentation that
connects her to any Downings, certainly not the famous Sir George of #10 Downing St.
Search still ongoing. Richard Hite said: "There was someone in the 1930s
who went around to Kornegay descendants, letting them know that they might
have some claim on Downing property and some of them evidently paid to have that
investigated further, but nothing ever came of it. My understanding is that
this type of occurrence was a popular scam in the 1930s - tracking down
family groups, letting them think they stood to inherit a fortune, collecting
money from them and then taking off. Whether that's the origin of this Downing
story or not, I don't know." Kathlynn continues: I think it is very strange
that George Jr & Margaret's descendants have used Lullum as a middle name, I
have on my data base: Their son Daniel Kornegay [c1770-1842] named a son
George Lullum Kornegay [ ? - 1863/65] and he named a son George Lullum
Kornegay Jr. [c1859 - ? ] There could be more that I am not aware of. Conversely,
I have no descendants on my data base with Downing as a name and no one else
on the Kornegay list replied to my recent query that they have any on their
database with the name Downing! Isn't this strange & questionable i.e.
Kornegay desendants USING LULLUM i.e., Margaret's first husband last name, BUT NOT
USING DOWNING her [supposedly] maiden name???]. His 2nd wife was Mourning
Stevens, widow of Willis Wiggins.
6. Ref: "William lived at Kornegay's Bridge; died 1812"

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