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Subject: RE: [KINCAID] Why Andrew/Mary are parents to John Kincaid/Nancy Young
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This is great!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and for dotting the
i's and crossing the t's. Now comes the fun of finding the other sons, and
who Andrews siblings and parents are. Thanks to everyone who has been
working so hard! Another telling sign for me that John and Thomas were
brothers were that descendants of both men also moved to Ray County, MO
together along with other Fincastle, TN families- notable the Grimes,
Yoakums, Millers, Smiths, Dossetts, and Claibornes, with many members of
these families moving to Indian Territory in Oklahoma together. Mainly
descendents of Grimes, John and Thomas Kincaid. It is great to know that my
Fincastle Thomas/Martha Wyatt finally has a provable father. Again thank
you for all of your hard work, and for the help that you have given me in my
search to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Meredith Kincaid
Edgar Grimes Kincaid/Christine Allison
John A Kincaid/Florence Ditzler Edgar
Thomas Asbury Kincaid/Idella Josephine Grimes
John Sharp Kincaid/Elvira Mason Tunnell
Thomas Kincaid/Louisa Sharp
Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt
Andrew Kincaid/Mary

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Subject: [KINCAID] Why Andrew/Mary are parents to John Kincaid/Nancy Young

Jeff Bergman asked for a statement linking John Kincaid of Fincastle,
Campbell Co., TN, as a son to Andrew Kincaid who died on Anthony Creek in
Greenbrier Co., VA, in 1810.

Here it is. I know it's too long for casual reading, but if genealogy were
easy ....

The difficulty with identifying a father for John Kincaid of Fincastle,
Campbell Co., TN, has always been that he has a common name among Kincaid
males. Luckily for us, the practice of genealogy has continued to evolve
since the estimable Olivia Brisbin and her cohorts were active researchers
in the mid-1900's. We are now able to honor the work of these earlier
genealogists and to extend it through recently-discovered evidence,
different methodologies, and the wonderful new tool of DNA.

What earlier researchers lacked that we can now use falls into several
1. DNA testing
2. Access to records that were previously inaccessible
3. Increased availablity of information on neighboring families

If Olivia were actively researching with us today, she'd be at the forefront

to make best use of these new tools and records. She'd want us to push on
and would be proud of our progress.

Because the early petitions to the Tennessee state legislature were not
re-discovered, cataloged, and filmed until after Olivia had retired from
active genealogical research, she was forced to study Fincastle John and
Fincastle Thomas Kincaid in isolation. To the best of her information,
John and Thomas never knew another Kincaid while in Tennessee.

Without access to these early petitions created in John's first years in
Tennessee, they did not know that James Kincaid/Margaret Wyatt had
temporarily lived in TN near John and Thomas. There was no access to
signatures to match with those left in Virginia to see if the same man had
made a migration.

Nor did anyone know that John and Thomas' next door (OK, next farm over)
neighbor James Miller was married to Elizabeth Kincaid ... simply because
family historians of the Miller family had no easy access to the internet in
the 1950's and 1960's to let other Campbell County genealogists in on the

Andrew Kincaid's will in 1810 in Greenbrier Co., VA, has always named a son
John ... as well as a Thomas and James among others. But which John Kincaid
is Andrew's son? Could Fincastle John be the right one?

The large pieces of the puzzle fit:
A. Andrew left a son John, so named in his will. (1810, Greenbrier Co.,
then VA)
B. Andrew and John are in the right age ranges to be father and son.
C. Andrew and John were both in the right place at the right time to be
of the same family. (Today's Monroe Co., WV, from the mid-1780's to the
mid-1790's. This was Greenbrier Co., VA, at this era.)

But the big pieces aren't proof, although they are enough to warrant a
full-scale study for supporting or non-supporting details.

The only rational way to address these ideas is to start with a clean slate
and search from the ground up.


WHERE THE STUDY BEGINS (but doesn't end there)

1. With what is known about Fincastle John Kincaid, who is the best fit
for his father?

* John needs a father who was producing children in 1771
* John needs a father who was in VA in 1771
* So that he can meet and court his wife, John needs a family
geographically handy to William/Jean Young (parents of Nancy) in the 1790's,
which would place him in Greenbrier Co., VA (more specifically, the part of
Greenbrier which became Monroe Co.)

2. With what is known about Andrew Kincaid, which John Kincaid is the
best fit for the son named in his will?

* Andrew needs a son named John who was alive in 1810 when his
will was written.
* Andrew needs a son John who was born in VA between or near the
births of his more provable children, stretching from 1764 to 1783.
* Andrew needs a son John who would have reached adulthood and
left his earliest adult records in the area where Andrew and his family were
living. Depending on the year of birth of this son John, the location could
have been Jackson River (then Bath Co., now Alleghany Co., VA) or the Monroe
or Anthony Creek areas of Greenbrier Co., VA.



Partial summary of what had been determined about John Kincaid:

1. Birth - 1771 (in VA according to son Ritchey on the 1880 census & by
family tradition)

2. Death - by 5 Dec 1818 in Campbell Co., TN (date of filing of
intestate probate in that county). His administrators were Nancy Kincaid and
Absolom Morris. The largest debt owed to him was that of William Maddy.

3. Spouse - Nancy Young, who survived him as his widow, she leaving
probate in the same county in 1823

4. Names of his children, their spouses, and grandchildren (and
further - almost all the work of Olivia Brisbin). See the Dennis von Ting
database for specifics -

5. John Kincaid sold 215 ac. in newly-created Monroe Co., VA, to David
Garvin on 19 Aug 1800 with wife Nancy. This adjoined the land of William
Young. This land was granted to John Kincaid by the Commonwealth of VA based
on a survey dated 4 Jul 1798. The land was in Greenbrier Co. until Monroe
was created in 1799.

6. John Kincaid bought land in the Fincastle neighborhood of Campbell
Co., TN, 8 Jan 1808. The deed was witnessed by James Miller, Jonathan
Basham, and John Miller.

7. John had grandsons through youngest son Ritchey who lived past 1940
and who spoke with Olivia Brisbin's merry band of researchers. Gleaned from
this is the statement that Ritchey was raised by his Uncle Thomas Kincaid
since his own father (John) had died, and that Uncle Thomas was strict. This
suggests Thomas Kincaid of Fincastle/wife Martha Wyatt as a possible brother
to John Kincaid.

8. Among the men in Campbell Co. whose names are in his documents, or
in whose documents he appears: Absolom Morris, William Maddy, James Miller,
John Miller, William Hogshead, George Yoakum. (There are others, noticeably
men whom he did not meet until he moved to Campbell Co. because they came
from elsewhere, and into whose families his descendants or those of Thomas
Kincaid married. These include Ali Smith, Robert Glenn, Johnathan Basham,

9. John Kincaid was literate; owned 329.5 acres in Campbell Co., TN;
was not elected to office; died with an estate valued at $1,200 (respectable
in value, not wealthy, but probably "upper middle class" in his area)

There was a great deal more, some of it precise and some less exactly

There was a Bible seen by Olivia Brisbin in 1960 with exact dates of
birth and death for John and Nancy; this Bible then in possession of
descendant Mrs. J. Will Taylor of LaFollette, Campbell Co., TN.. We cannot
find this Bible today, so I've dropped back to the less-precise dates given
above (and would like to find that Bible again!).

More recently discovered evidence relating to John Kincaid:

1. His DNA is a perfect match to that of Fincastle Thomas Kincaid and
Andrew Kincaid of Anthony Creek in Greenbrier.

2. There were 2 previously unknown Kincaids who left records in the
area where John/Nancy lived in Fincastle, Tennessee, during the time of
John/Nancy's residence. These include James Kincaid (husband of Margaret
Wyatt) and Elizabeth Kincaid (wife of James Miller). The will of Andrew
Kincaid names a son James and a daughter Elizabeth Miller as well as naming
sons John and Thomas.

3. John's 1796 marriage bond and permission slip from Nancy Young's
father in Greenbrier Co. was located, with his signature, that of
father-in-law William Young, bondsman John Garvin, witnesses Robert Young
and John Miller.

4. 1801 and 1803 petitions to the Tennessee State Legislature from the
Fincastle neighborhood (land in Grainger and then Claiborne Cos., TN, until
Campbell Co. was formed in 1806). These petitions have original signatures
of all parties.

5. The 1795 Greenbrier Co. marriage bond and permission slip for John
Miller in his marriage to Hannah Young, whose father William Young gave
permission. Original signatures of all parties.

6. The 1794 Bath Co., VA, marriage bond and permission slip for the
marriage of Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt. Bondsman John Kincaid. Permission
given by Ann Wyatt (born Ann Robinson, now widow of Edward Wyatt), witnessed
by James Kincaid and William Smith. Original signatures.

7. The 1799 and 1800 tax lists of newly-created Monroe Co., VA, contain
the names of John Kincaid Jr., Absolom Morris, William Maddy, John Miller,
and James Miller. (Monroe Co. was carved out of Greenbrier Co. in 1799.)

8. A plat map showing the location of all land in the "Monroe area" of
then-Greenbrier Co., VA, owned by anyone named Kincaid in the 1790's has
been created, with a number of land holdings of associated families
indicated as well. John Kincaid bought a tract adjacent to his father-in-law
William Young after his marriage to Nancy Young. Other Kincaids in this
region at that era were John Kincaid/Ann Graham (later of Anthony Creek),
John Kincaid/wife Agness (later of Madison Co., KY), Thomas Kincaid/wife
Mary (Thomas d. in the Monroe area in 1794), and Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary
(later of Anthony Creek).

9. A plat map showing land ownership in the early 1800's in the
Fincastle neighborhood of Campbell Co., TN, has been created, showing that
John Kincaid bought property neighboring Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt, James
Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid, John Miller/wife Hannah Young, and Absalom
Morris/wife Mary.



1. Birth - before 1744, for he had a first known child, Sarah, b. 25
Dec 1764 (she later md. to Kincaid Caldwell, son of Samuel Caldwell) (Andrew
can be older but isn't likely to be younger.)

2. Death - will written 9 Jun 1810 on Anthony Creek of Greenbrier Co.,
VA. Appraisal of his estate made 27 Aug 1810, so died between these two

3. Spouse - Mary, who survived him as his widow per his will. A wife
Mary is seen in his deeds of sale throughout his adult life.

4. Children - He left a will in 1810 while living on Anthony Creek in
Greenbrier Co., VA. This will names wife Mary, sons Andrew, John, James,
Robert, and Thomas. Daughters Sarah Caldwell, Elizabeth Miller, Ann Garten,
Mary Wyatt, and Margaret Sloan/Slown. Sons Andrew and Robert were executors,
and were physically present in Greenbrier to act in this capacity.
The births of his heretofore provable children range from 1764
(Sarah) -1783 (Margaret). The empty stretches where previously "missing"
children might have been born include the late 1760's and much
of the 1770's.

5. Resided Albemarle Co., VA, 1764-1769 (possibly)

6. Resided Augusta Co., VA, 1770-?

7. Resided Jackson River 1780-1784 (then in Botetourt Co., land "zoned"
into Bath Co. in 1790, then moved again when Alleghany Co. was created in

8. Resided Monroe area of Greenbrier Co., VA, 1785-1793 (land became
part of Monroe Co. on its formation in 1799)

9. Resided Anthony Creek area of Greenbrier Co., VA, 1794-1810

10. Neighbored and/or had interactions with other Kincaids, including:
John Kincaid/Ann Graham, Samuel Kincaid/Margaret Clark, Thomas Kincaid/wife
Mary of Anthony Creek, John Kincaid/wife Agness of Monroe, William
Kincaid/Ann Elliott, John Kincaid/Alice Dean, Robert Kincaid/Rebecca Wright,
James Scott/Mollie Kincaid, Samuel Caldwell/Ann Kincaid, Moses Mann/Jane
Kincaid, Robert Kincaid/Martha Humphreys, Mathew Kincaid/Elizabeth Scott,
James Thompson/Sarah Kincaid.

11. Andrew Kincaid neighbored/interacted with Samuel Glass/Elizabeth
Gillespie, William Hamilton/Isabella Clemens (he is possibly a son of
immigrants Andrew Hamilton/Martha Kincaid - depending on which version of
published Hamilton genealogy is most credible after further study), James
Elliott/Ann Armstrong, John Rodgers, William Tincher/Mary Douglas, John
Wright/Agnes McMurry, James Anderson, Richard Morris/Jane Callison, Robert
Armstrong/Jane Vanarsdale, John Bollar/Margaret Thornton. [NOTE: The wives
are listed as found in published material. Not researched.]

12. Andrew Kincaid was literate, died owning 170 ac.; was not elected to
office; was of middle income status for his area

More recently discovered evidence relating to Andrew Kincaid:

1. By tracking land ownership, tax records, and probate in
Greenbrier Co., it was proven that the Andrew Kincaid (Jr.) who inherited
the Anthony Creek land of Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary is the same Andrew
Kincaid who died intestate in Greenbrier between March and September of

2. The DNA of this Andrew Kincaid Jr. (wife Rebecca Kincaid, d/o
John/Ann) is an exact match to Fincastle John and Fincastle Thomas Kincaid.
This is the only DNA lineage that is 100% undeniably that of papa Andrew
Kincaid Sr., for the documentation is unimpeachable down to the DNA

3. Except for the children of Andrew Kincaid (Sr.) who married
after 1800, the marriages of his children were into Monroe Co. families, for
that was where Andrew Kincaid resided at the time these children were of age
to court and marry:
.........Sarah Kincaid md. Kincaid Caldwell, s/o Samuel Caldwell/Ann
Kincaid (moved to Monroe before 1774)
.........Elizabeth Kincaid md. James Miller, s/o James Miller Sr./Margaret
Boyd (in Monroe before the Revolution)
..........Anna Kincaid md. Richard Gartin, s/o Elijah Gartin/Frances
Dickinson. Father Elijah Gartin died in Augusta in 1774, but sons Richard,
Elijah Jr., Nathaniel, Griffith, and William moved to Monroe, where they
settled between and/or near James Miller Sr. and Andrew Kincaid.
..........Mary Kincaid md. a Wyatt. Her husband is given by Wyatt
researchers as John Wyatt (son of Edward Wyatt/Ann Robinson of Monroe) who
witnessed the 1797 marriage of Robert Elliott to Ann Wyatt, with consent for
the bride to marry being given by her mother Ann (Robinson) Wyatt. This man
left few records, the last so far discovered being a Monroe Co. deed made 2
Dec 1805 in which he stated that he then resided in Claiborne Co., TN (in
1805, Fincastle was still in Claiborne Co., TN, not being cut off into
Campbell Co. until that county was pulled off in 1806). He is a brother to
the Margaret Wyatt who md. James Kincaid and the Martha Wyatt who md. Thomas

Kincaid. Robert Elliott/Ann Wyatt whose marriage he witnessed also moved to
Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN.

4. The families whose children married the provable children of
Andrew Kincaid all lived in the Monroe area in the mid-1780's to mid-1790's
when Andrew lived there, for this was the critical time and place where
Andrew's children came of age and married. (The exceptions are youngest
daughter Margaret who didn't marry until about 1802 because she was born
about 1783, and son Robert who married into an Anthony Creek family
relatively late in his life - during Andrew's residence on Anthony Creek.)
William and Jean Young, parents of Nancy Young, were in the Monroe
area. Edward Wyatt/Anna Robinson, parents of Martha, Margaret and John
Wyatt, were in the Monroe area as well. After father Edward Wyatt Sr. was
killed in 1789, son Edward Wyatt Jr. remained in Monroe until his move to
Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN.



With this data assembled, it's time to begin to ask questions:

A. Is there proof that the John Kincaid who died in Fincastle, Campbell
Co., TN, is the identical John Kincaid who earlier left records in the
"Monroe area" of Greenbrier Co., VA?

The signature on his 1796 Greenbrier Co., VA (3 years before Monroe was
carved out of Greenbrier), marriage bond when he married Nancy Young is
identical to the signature on petitions sent to the Tennessee Legislature in
1801, 1803, and 1813 from the neighborhood of Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN.
He and wife Nancy sold 215 ac. in Monroe Co., adjacent to William Young,
on 19 Aug 1800. This William Young's will of 1 Feb 1802 in Monroe Co., VA,
named daughter Nancy Kincaid.
By 1801 John Kincaid/Nancy Young resided in Fincastle when he signed the
first of these legislative petitions mentioned on which the signature
matches his VA marriage bond. This dovetails with his appearance on the 1799
and 1800 tax lists of Monroe Co., VA, after which he no longer appears in
that county. His daughter Jane was born 30 Jan 1800 in Virginia, while his
next child John was born 28 May 1802 in Tennessee.
The signature of John Miller, the bondsman on the John Kincaid/Nancy
Young marriage bond, is a match to the signature of John Miller on the same
legislative petitions. The signature of this same John Miller appears on his
own 12 May 1795 Greenbrier marriage bond when John Miller married Hannah
Young, with permission given by Hannah's father William Young.
Absolom Morris was an administrator of John Kincaid's estate, a neighbor
in Fincastle, and earlier appears on the same 1799 and 1800 Monroe Co., VA,
tax lists as does this John Kincaid. Ditto for William Maddy who settled
nearby in Claiborne Co., TN, and who was the largest debtor to the estate of
John Kincaid. Other men in John Kincaid's TN records also come from Monroe,
including William Hogshead and George Yoakum.

B. Given that we can prove that he lived in Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN,
and the Monroe Co. area (Greenbrier Co. prior to 1799), who are the Kincaids
in those locations who MIGHT be his parents?

Possible parents, including all Kincaids known to have been in the
Monroe area of Greenbrier during the 1790's when John Kincaid came of age,
courted his wife, and married in 1796. There are no older Kincaids in the
Fincastle area of Campbell Co., TN:

........a. Thomas Kincaid/wife Mary of Turkey Creek
(but his will shows no son John)

........b. John Kincaid/wife Agness of Indian Creek
(a possibility, see end of this document)

........c. John Kincaid/wife Ann Graham of Indian Creek
(only dimly worth consideration - because he left deeds
specifically naming sons Mathew and Lanty, yet John's tax listings don't
suggest that several additional sons also rolled into adulthood in this

........d. Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary of the Sinks
(left a will naming sons of the "right" names who remain

C. What Kincaids interacted directly and provably with John Kincaid?

........a. Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt.
The 1790's VA marriage records of John Kincaid/Nancy Young, Thomas
Kincaid/Martha Wyatt, and James Kincaid/Margaret Wyatt show that these 3
knew one another well enough to be bondsmen or witnesses.
Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt raised John's youngest son Ritchey
Kincaid by Ritchey's own testimony.
The signatures on the 1801 and 1803 TN legislative petitions arising
from the Fincastle neighborhood prove that the same John, Thomas, and James
Kincaid who interacted at each other's marriages migrated together from VA
to TN.
Although distinct, the signatures of John Kincaid, James Kincaid and
Thomas Kincaid are formed identically as though the men were taught to write
by the same teacher.
Thomas Kincaid migrated from VA to TN at the same time as did John
Kincaid, and settled as his neighbor in Fincastle.
Thomas Kincaid was married to Martha Wyatt, sister to Margaret Wyatt
(wife of James Kincaid). Their brother John Wyatt seems to have married Mary
Kincaid, d/o Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary.

..........and most importantly, the last 2 items:
By original records, there is no other Thomas Kincaid in the U.S.
who is a better fit as the son named Thomas Kincaid in the 1810 will of
Andrew Kincaid of Greenbrier than Fincastle Thomas Kincaid.
The DNA of Fincastle Thomas Kincaid is a perfect match to that of
Andrew Kincaid as well as Fincastle John.

........b. James Kincaid/Margaret Wyatt (on whom we have no DNA)
The 1790's VA marriage records of John Kincaid/Nancy Young, Thomas
Kincaid/Martha Wyatt, and James Kincaid/Margaret Wyatt show that these 3
knew one another well enough to be bondsmen or witnesses.
Although distinct, the signatures of John Kincaid, James Kincaid,
and Thomas Kincaid are formed identically as though the men were taught to
write by the same teacher.
James Kincaid migrated from VA to TN at the same time as did John
Kincaid and appears on the 1801 TN legislative petition with Fincastle John.
The signatures on the 1801 and 1803 TN legislative petitions arising
from the Fincastle neighborhood prove that the same John, Thomas, and James
Kincaid who interacted at each other's marriages migrated together from VA
to TN. James Kincaid lived in TN only briefly.
James Kincaid was married to Margaret Wyatt, sister to Martha Wyatt
(wife of Thomas Kincaid). Their brother John Wyatt seems to have married
Mary Kincaid, d/o Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary.
James' grandson Lycurgus Kincaid lived to 1923 (spent all of his
life in
KY) and claimed on the census that his father Edward Wyatt Kincaid (son to
James Kincaid/Margaret Wyatt) was from TN. While Lycurgus was probably
incorrect since Edward Wyatt Kincaid claimed to have been born in VA about
1798, this does show some sort of family memory or story of ties to
James Kincaid neighbored/interacted with no other Kincaids in his
adult life except the Fincastle Kincaids.

........c. Elizabeth Kincaid/James Miller.
Elizabeth is named as daughter "Elizabeth Miller" in the will of
Andrew Kincaid. Sue Liedtke has a family ledger book from the post-Civil War
era in which is given "her mothers name was Elisabeth Kindaid." This was
written by Sue's great-great grandmother Elizabeth Kincaid (middle name)
James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid witnessed the deed of John Kincaid
when he purchased his Fincastle property in 1808. (Deed also witnessed by
John Miller, brother of this James Miller. John Miller md. Hannah Young in
then-Greenbrier Co., VA.)
James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid neighbored John Kincaid/Nancy Young
in Fincastle. (As did Thomas Kincaid/Martha Wyatt, John Miller/Hannah Young,
and Absolom Morris/wife Mary). James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid even sold
Thomas Kincaid a portion of their farm, which Thomas later sold again to
James Miller Jr. (eldest son of James Miller/Eliz. Kincaid) and wife
Susannah Basham.
James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid migrated from the Monroe area to
Fincastle on the same schedule as did John and Thomas Kincaid, as witnessed
by the birthplaces of their children seen in the children's records and
disappearance from the Monroe Co. tax lists.
James Miller (and brother John) appear on the same early TN
petitions arising from the Fincastle neighborhood as do John, Thomas, and
James Kincaid, for these Miller signatures match the ones left in Greenbrier
marriage bonds.
On 18 Jul 1815 James and Elizabeth Miller made a deed recorded in
Monroe Co., VA, while naming themselves as residents of Campbell Co., TN, in
which they empowered Griffith Garten (md. to Hannah Miller, sister of James
Miller) of Monroe Co., VA, to sell their property in Monroe Co., land
conveyed to them by James Miller. Sr. Griffith Garten is a brother to the
Richard Garten who married Anna Kincaid, daughter of Andrew/Mary. This is
the only known Kincaid/Garten tie.
On 31 Jul 1786 in then-Greenbrier Co. (now Monroe Co.), Joseph Swope
entered 70 acres of land by order of John Swope (wife was Margaret Miller,
sister to James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid), part of Land Office Treasury
Warrant 10853 granted to James Miller (Sr., father to James Miller/Elizabeth
Kincaid) "in partnership with James Miller and Kincaid" John Swope/Margaret
Miller migrated to Fincastle, Campbell Co., TN, when they neighbored Thomas
and John Kincaid, as well as James Miller/Elizabeth Kincaid. This is the
only Swope known to have any dealings with Kincaids at this time period. His
closest Kincaid neighbor in 1786 was Andrew Kincaid, hinting that the
Kincaid who was in business with James Miller and Joseph Swope could likely
be Andrew.
The closest Kincaid to James Miller Sr. (father of the James who md.
Elizabeth Kincaid) was Andrew Kincaid, who lived 2-4 miles away (depending
on exactly where the houses were located on their tracts of land).

Hmmm ... Elizabeth (Kincaid) Miller left a paper trail proving that she was
a daughter of Andrew Kincaid. The only Kincaids with whom her husband James
Miller interacted during his entire lifetime were Fincastle John and
Fincastle Thomas. Fincastle Thomas fits only as a son to Andrew Kincaid. He
is known to have interacted in his lifetime only with Fincastle John, James
who was briefly in Fincastle, and Elizabeth (Kincaid) Miller, a daughter of
Andrew. James also fits as the missing son named James in Andrew's will and
is known to have
interacted in his life with only Fincastle John Kincaid and Fincastle Thomas


The names check.

The ages check.

The places check.

The siblings check.

The neighbors and associates check.

The migrations check

The signatures check.

The records check

The family traditions check.

And now the DNA checks.

In genealogy, researchers hope that many of these categories will match, but

ALL of these do.



For John:

The only other serious possibility as parents for Fincastle John Kincaid
John Kincaid/wife Agness. This John moved from the Monroe area and migrated
to Madison Co., KY. He left a will in 1804, and he does name sons Andrew,
James, John, and Thomas ... but his son Thomas left records which take this
group out of serious consideration. Their son Thomas was born in
then-Greenbrier Co., VA, in 1790. He appears continuously in the records of
Madison Co., KY, and finally ordered a tombstone for his parents in Hays
Fork Cemetery of Madison Co., KY, with this inscription: "John and Agness
Kincaid. He was born March 15th 1741. She Nov. 1744. He died March 19, 1804.
She in June 15th 1809. He was honest and industrious, she discreet and
pious. Their youngest son Thomas erected this stone in their memory."

Since Fincastle John had no relationship with the Thomas of Madison Co., KY,
yet he had a relationship with Fincastle Thomas, the Kincaids of Madison
Co., KY, are a poor fit. Plus, Fincastle John's DNA matches not only
Fincastle Thomas, it also matches the Andrew Kincaid Jr. who was a son to
Andrew/Mary of Anthony Creek.

For Andrew:

The only serious possibility for the son John named in Andrew's 1810 will
other than Fincastle is the John who married Alice Dean. He seemed to fit
nicely, for he was born in 1758, Andrew Kincaid/wife Mary sold him a piece
of land on Jackson River, by testimony in a court case he had a brother
James Kincaid who md. Elizabeth Dean and moved to Greenbrier Co., and one of

the grandsons to James (Adam Dean Kincaid) left a statement to the effect
that his grandfather's name was Andrew.

So far, so good.

But when the Kincaid associates of John and James Kincaid and their Dean
wives turned out not to be children of Andrew, they became a less attractive

possibility. When William and Robert Kincaid of Jackson River (to whom
Andrew Kincaid also sold portions of his Jackson River land) were disproven
as children to Andrew, this balloon lost some air. When there were no
transactions whatsoever between Andrew Kincaid and his children who remained

in Greenbrier with James Kincaid/Elizabeth Dean (although living in the same

county), things were growing dim. When the associates of Andrew's provable
children were not also associates of the Kincaid/Deans, this was another
portent. When Andrew's residence at the time of the Kincaid/Dean marriages
was far more remote to the location of John Dean than it was to the
locations of William Young and Edward Wyatt, the din became a roar that the
fit was not smooth.

But when the DNA doesn't match, the John Kincaid who married Alice Dean
ruled himself out as a son to Andrew of Anthony Creek.



The documentation trail on Fincastle John Kincaid predicted that Andrew
Kincaid of Anthony Creek was the best candidate for John's father, and the
DNA confirmed it.

Similarly, the documentation trail on more easily provable children of
Andrew Kincaid of Anthony Creek suggested that the best candidate as his son

John was Fincastle John, and the DNA confirmed it.


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" If stated "facts" lack documentation they mean nothing"
- Val D. Greenwood, A Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy 2nd ed.
[Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1990],p149.

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