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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 23:49:49 +0000
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Thanks for the update cousin. Is this () you in Family Tree DNA?
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> Greetings from Sunny Texas,
> Y-DNA test results have come back confirming the suspected relationship of 3
> Johnston brothers: Francis "Frank" (b. 1805), Robert "Red Robin" (b. 1808) and
> Archibald "Archie" (b. 1815), all born in Ireland. I call them the "Wee Three"
> with affection as all were taller than average with my gggrandfather, Red Robin,
> coming in at 6'-5" (and red hair).
> According to oral family history their father may have been born in Scotland.
> We do not know his name. According to old and ancient Johnston/e family
> genealogy provided by a newfound cousin to whom we were linked by the Y-DNA
> tests we belong to the Johnstons in Poldean and some of our ancestors were
> members of the Old Gang of Wamphray (Danish Viking ancestry - Poldean is a 2,000
> acre holding which left the family in 1742. It is some 4-5 miles south of
> Moffatt, Scotland). Our Johnston/e family left Ireland in the mid-1820's. One
> or more died on the crossing to Upper Canada, possibly including their father.
> A married sister stayed behind in Ireland with her husband. The 3 surviving
> brothers settled near what is now Pendleton, Ontario, Canada. They were very
> close to other families in the Pendleton area, such as Anderson, Wylie and Derby
> who came from the Magherafeldt area in Co. Derry, and it is suspected that they
> too may have come from the same locale.
> 2 of my Dad's aunts visited Ireland to find kin in the 1920's. None were found
> living. One aunt kept a detailed journal which included the tombstone
> inscriptions of our kin - they did find where they were buried and visited their
> graves. Unfortunately today no one knows where the journal is or where in
> Ireland the sisters visited.
> I have been told that in Ireland the given name "Francis" was considered to be a
> Roman Catholic name and as such not in common use among Protestant Johnston/e
> families. Our ancestors were Presbyterian/Methodist. It is possible that the
> father of the Wee Three married a Roman Catholic woman. We do not know, but
> interestingly a couple of other Y-DNA cousins in the States with whom we have
> not been able to make a paper connection yet also have the name "Francis" used
> by their Protestant Irish ancestors.
> If anyone has any information on our Wee Three or recognizes something about
> them from their research I'd appreciate hearing from you. I've been beating my
> head against those old Irish bricks for too long (since 1979) - something has to
> give, and I hope that it isn't me... ;-)
> Here is a link to some photographs of our ancestors, including my gggrandfather
> & gggrandmother:
> Thanks,
> Cliff. Johnston
> "May the best you've ever seen,
> Be the worst you'll ever see;"
> from A Scots Toast by Allan Ramsay
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