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<< Rob,

I am not an expert on the Fox family, by any means. However your theory
about Jane Fox and Richard Johns' possible date of marriage concerns me.
Almost every reference that I have seen about Jane's brother Henry Fox, gives
an estimated date of birth as 1650. Yet you have Jane Fox and Richard Johns'
marriage at about the same time. What is your thought about Jane's date of

Bob >>

This Msg is addressed to Bebe and John Fox as well as Bob Newsome and Mary
Jane Steinhagen.

I don't have John's email address so Bebe please show him your copy of this

I have been getting a lot of my Fox genealogy from three FTM CDs that I
purchased this year. These CDs contain the complete works of all of the
volumes of "Genealogies of Virginia Families" . These books were printed by
the Genealogical Publishing Co. They are a standard work in most library's
genealogy department. They were compiled from various genealogical magazines
and publications. The CDs are Virginia Vital Records # 1, CD #174, Virginia
Genealogies # 2, CD # 186, Virginia Genealogies # 3, CD # 187. If you don't
have access to the CDs I'm sure you must have access to the printed volumes.
For copyright reasons I can't copy from my CDs and send to you but I can
quote. You would all get a better picture of the Fox genealogies from these
works if you would take the time to look them up. There is very extensive
genealogical info here, far more than I care to go into. I am only
interested in Jane Fox and Richard Johns and their ancestors.

CD # 3 contains the best and most complete genealogy of Jane Fox and her
ancestors. The article was written by George H. S. King, a noted genealogist
and historian. It originally appeared in Tyler's Quarterly and Historical
Genealogical Magazine. On page 713 of the book begins the "Memorial to Henry
Fox Gentleman of "Huntington", King William Co., Virginia. On page 715 we
find Captain John Fox, The Immigrant. "The founder of the Fox Family in
America was Captain John Fox who commanded several trading vessels plying
between England and Virginia. He was a member of the Fox Family of Great
Missenden Parish in Bucks County, England, whose coat of arms appears on the
memorial tablet to Henry Fox. It seems likely that Captain John Fox was the
son of Thomas Fox, a member of the London Company in 1608, who resided in
London England."

The minutes of the Council and General Court of the Colony of Virginia, page
73, evince this court order:

"At a court held on October 14, 1625, being present Sir Francis Wyatt,
Knight, Governor etc, Captain Francis West, Captain Roger Smith, Captain
Ralph Hamer, Captain Samuel Matthews, Mr. William Cleyborne. It is ordered
the Provost Marshall shall receave all such debts and tobacco as shall be dew
to Elizabeth Fox, widow, and shall take the charge of sending of the same to
her unto England, and receave bill of ladings for ye same, and to pay such
debts as ffox did owe in this country."

This same manuscript, page 76, records this order, dated 28 November 1625

"Yet it is ordered that the provost marshall shall give a discharge to the
purser of the "Elizabeth" for the receipte of those goods, which he hath
receaved of John Fox and John Pickernell, who died at sea. And to take the
charge of sending of the tobacco made of those goodes into England."

>From the above it appears to me that John Fox and John Pickernell had set off
from England, probably after the death of John's father Thomas with a load of
trade goods to exchange for tobacco in Virginia. The ship "Elizabeth"
belonged to John's father Thomas and it would certainly appear that John
Pickernell was the brother of Thomas' wife Elizabeth and therefor a member of
the family.

Mr. King further states , on page 717, "The late Conway Robinson Esq., made
some notes from a book of "Judgments and Orders1664-1670", one of the record
books of The General Court of Virginia which was destroyed during the war
between the states. From page 556 of this book he notes a "Grant of 20th
September in 2d of Charles by he King himself to Thomas Lester, John Fox, and
Gibert Thornbrough, dated at Johnstone". Mr Robinson gives the date of this
grant as 1650.

On 2 November 1653 Captain John Fox was making a voyage to for England in
company with his wife Elizabeth and John Convers. Convers died while at sea
and appoited Captain John Fox "Overseer of his estate" A copy of the will of
John Convers is available from the Library of Virginia Colonial Records
Project, Survey Report 03124, pages one and two. From the manner of this
will it appears that John Convers is likely the father of Captain John's wife
Elizabeth. It appears that he was being transported to Virginia to live with
his dau and son in law.

>From the 1650 grant of land to Captain John it would appear that he had
already established his principal residence in Virginia by abt 1650-51.

In the next paragraph of page 717 Mr. King states that "Captain John Fox
commanded several vessels trading with Virginia. On the 8th August 1650 he
was given orders to command the "White Horse and Curry Comb" on a voyage to
Virginia. It is this voyage on which I believe Jane Fox and Richard Johns
sailed to take up permanent residence in Virginia. They were not married at
that time but probably were married after arriving in Virginia. To further
support this hypothesis I offer the following: Richard Johns appeared as a
headright in the land grant to Southey Littleton 2,340 acres in Northampton
Co. 1656 (C & P vol 1, pg 347). Jane Fox appeared as a headright in the land
grant to Francis Hobbs of 1,000 acres on the N. side of the Rappahannock
River 20 August 1650. ( C & P vol 1, pg 237) It appears that it was a
custom of Captain John to sell headrights of some of his passengers to make
his voyages a little more profitable. It is also interesting to note that
these headrights tie in to the voyage of the "White Horse and Curry Comb"

If you are to accept some of the above reasoning, both Richard Johns and Jane
Fox arrived as single young persons in Virginia abt 1650. They were probably
married shortly afterward. Richard may have been abt 20 yrs of age and Jane
perhaps 17-18. They were both b. in London. Richard d. abt 1702 at age abt
72. Jane apparently d. abt 1704 at age 71. It seems to check out.

I have been trying to find some reference to the membership of the London
Company to see if there was a Thomas Fox on the rolls in 1608. I have not
found anything as yet. Do any of you have info on this?

Rob Johns

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