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Subject: Re: [JOBE] [JOB] Albums - Month to go
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 20:06:32 -0500
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Yes, quite an accomplishment! As for the 15 belonging to Samuel Jobe and Barbary Adwell that I am working on, I am rebuilding from scratch. Every time I attempt to redo 1, I seem to be doubling in size even after breaking off several albums. The number of documents I have is growing still...and I have more to send to the other albums I'm not working on...always the digger. I may not make the deadline organized, but I will have those sites online. Even now fully 1/2 of what I have have up will get more documents and have more files broken off. I have been discovering more Texas kin and filling in gaps in Kentucky and Tennessee...not to mention major discoveries on my Mother's families.
I go in spurts but it comes in gushes.

Jesus was a carpenter and so am I...and that is enough. Randy Jobe
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From: Ann (Jobe) Brown
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Subject: [JOB] Albums - Month to go

Well we have 1 month to go before the imagestation albums DISAPPPEAR - gone.
We started out with around 1000 albums to transfer or lose. A quick check
on imagestation will show that 153 remain.

Of these,

----29 more belong to the Elizabeth (Jobe) Odell family and have already
been transferred to Patti's site. I still have the links and revised
indexes to do for these

__12 more belong to the Moses Job group and have already been transferred to
Patti's site. I still have the links and revised indexes to do for these.

___1 more to post that Freida has done


__another 30 belong to the Moses Job group and Patti already has these in
her possession, ready to post when she is able

__another 15 belong to the the Samuel Job-Barbary Adwell group and Randy has
these in his possession and is working on them.

*That means, as it stands at the moment, of the ones to still transfer that
leaves around 66 - mainly the Moses group.

I can proudly say with a month to go we're close to 90% complete. That in
itself is a BIG achievement - considering where we started. I, for one,
will sure be glad when this is done and I can start on the file of NEW ones
to add and that file has been growing daily, even as I've been working on
these. Also, the ones that have been done are much better organzied and
sorted and much easier to tell exactly what is in the files.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in this endeavor!

Ann (Jobe) brown

*Descend from Andrew Job Jr - Elizabeth Vernon, Job(e) Legacy, please send records, old photos, memorials, letters, heirlooms to Freida -- -- or myself (Ann) --
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