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Subject: [JIMMERSON] OK everyone... let's get this solved once and for all!
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 21:55:37 -0000

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Author: windy9827
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Ok, maybe my subject line caught your attention. I am a descendent of the ORIGINAL William and Nancy Jimmerson... you know, William Jimmerson b. abt 1773.... lol! This William has to have parents. There are a lot of ideas of where he maybe be from. My ancestor, John Jimmerson, William's son, states his father is from Virginia one time and South Carolina I think and Georgia one time. There is SOMEONE out there that has SOMETHING with his actually date of birth, siblings, parents, something...

If we can not pin down where William is from or concrete evidence of Nancy's maiden name, maybe we can at least get his children in order with correct spouses (all of them), dates of birth and death and then work on getting THEIR children corrected and continue down the line.

I'd like to to think that we could possibly find the missing links to all of these loose ends and get them all tied up. It would be nice to sit back and look at our information and know that it's correct, well sourced and the fact that we've tied up at least a portion of the loose ends. Since it's obvious that everyone's not going to take part in the DNA testing, our only other option is by hard research. I'm willing to work with whoever to get this accomplished. It will take a lot of work but I think if we could all work together and each of us research a single family (our direct line or another) until we have it completely figured out, that we could accomplish all of this! Let me know if you're interested.

Windy Jamerson

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