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From: "Jim Jessee" <>
Subject: Re: [JESSEE] Genealogy-Browning
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 15:21:15 -0800
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Thank you, I will share this on the Jessee and Russell Co. Lists and see if
someone else knows more to help you, Jim


From: Verna M. McDowell [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 3:09 PM
To: Jim Jessee
Subject: Genealogy-Browning


Yes, you may include the info below in your database. Most of it is
somewhere out there now. I have worked on it ever since the 1970's when my
dtr. was working toward a scholarship.

Sorry to hear you don't know anything more about John Perrott. The info
that his father was Henry VIII is OK, just wish I could tie him to some
other person and his wife Mary Berkely.

Thank you just the same. If you ever need any other info about James
Browning who md. Susannah Hickman, let me know, I have quite a few
generations on down.


May I include your note below on the appropriate record in my database?

I have nothing more on John Perrot ancestry. Jim



My children are descended from John Browning who married Elizabeth Demorest.
Some of the info you have I agree with you, others I do not.


1. James b. 1745 RW md. Susannah Hickman (my

2. Joshua b. 1747 RW Ann Scott

3. Enos b. 1751 RW Jenny Trim

4. Francis b. 1753 RW Miss Vermillian

5. John Radford b. 1757 RW Miss Peebles

6. William b. 1759

7. George b. 1761

8. Eunice b. 1762

9. Daniel b. 1764

My records indicate John Browning (md. to Eliz. Demorest) was the son of
Francis Browning and Eliz. Lloyd. Elizabeth Demorest was the dtr. of Jan De
Marest and Alice Earle.

I have complete records from James on down to my children's father and
grandparents who stayed and lived in Kentucky through most of their lives.

I wasn't that interested in the Browning's as much as your chart indicates a
John Perrott - son of Henry VIII and Mary Berkely. And from other charts I
see they go beyond. I was wondering if you had anything showing the
ancestors of John Perrott's ancestry. Can you give me any help in this



Thank you for your note.

I am not a Browning researcher, nor a descendant, and none of the Browning
material in my database is my original research, so I simply do not know.
Many a Browning has intermarried with the Jessee Family in several branches,
so your information extending this pedigree would be very welcome to many
members of the family. Please visit <>;
and see the Jessee Family Newsletters. There are several articles on the
Browning family there and much interest, so if you do make these
connections, I would love for you to share information or maybe just a short
note or report about your research to share with other Browning and Jessee
descendants. I would feature this in a future newsletter.

Jim Jessee


Subject: Genealogy-Browning


Read your charts on rootsweb and I have a couple of questions.

I am descended from Francis Browning on down to my children. While visiting
your database, I noticed you have John Perrott son of Henry VIII and Mary
Berkeley. Two other people Roark Low and James R. Hancock seem to have an
extension from Henry VIII on up to the Fitzalan. Can you give me any info
if there is a connection or not? If so, how does it apply?

Hopefully you can answer this for me.


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