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Subject: [JESSE-JAMES] Trying to Connect my G-G- Grandfather to James Clan
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 14:20:27 -0500


When I was growing up, my grandmother and her brother (my great-uncle) lived with us,
as they were elderly and we were the only relatives nearby. Both of them passed away
in the '70s

Several of we family members recall that, over the years they were with us, 'Granny'
and 'Uncle Ed' occasionally stated that we all were kin to Jesse and Frank James.
I even recall Granny relating an event involving Frank James she'd been told (by her
mother?) I don't recall the details.

None of us recalled or thought to press them for details about the alleged relation-

Recently my brother found 'Uncle Ed's' Birth Certificate, which gave his and Granny's
mother's name - a James! We were intrigued and so I began trying to research the
possible relationship. Unfortunately, I have 'struck a snag' in my research and I am
hoping someone here can perhaps shed some light on this for me!

Granny / Uncle Ed's mother (our g-grandmother) was a Talitha Annie James b.1868.
Her Parents (my g-g- grandparents) were a William James b.1848 and a Rosa Ella /
Roselia / Roselle Moody (spelling varies w/ different records). Unfortunately, there
is little info on my g-g grandfather William James. No parent's names, only dates of
birth/death and the name of State (b. Alabama 1848 / d. Arkansas 1915 according to

Searching thru the James family clan, I really see only one possible person who was
born at the right time to possibly be g-g grandfather William. That person is Jesse's
Uncle William's (who married Jesse to his wife Zerelda) son William Jr. b. 1848. But
again, no info to speak of. I'm not at all sure if William Jr. is the right person., I can't
place William Jr. being born in Alabama. Jesse's Uncle William *might* possibly
have been traveling during that period and passed thru Alabama perhaps? Or could
my g-g- grandfathers records be inaccurate?? Just a theory.

If the names I mentioned above are familiar to anyone, or if you have any info on
Rev. William H. James' (Jesse's Uncle) son, William Jr., I would appreciate it very
much...and of course, I'll be delighted to share any info I have acquired. Thank you!

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