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HAS ANYBODY SEEN OUR FAIRFAX/JERNIGAN folks???? ... Circa 1760 - 1820,
Va/NC/SC ???

Whitmel Jernigan's family link t Nedom/Needham Fairfax in his WILL of 1793,
Bladen County, NC!

Micajah FAIRFAX, Lewis FAIRFAX, who were their parents??? and siblings???
and wives???

Shore would appreciate you checking this very gracious discussion from Carla

Please let us know if you can contribute??


Dan Fairfax
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On Feb. 20 you posted to the Strickland a query, a portion of which is
repeated below:

"We were so close!! ...{:) ... but additional referenced research
indicated no ties with Sampson County, NC by the FAIRFAX folks back in the
1820's when Elias Fairfax [1850 Columbus County, NC Census] was born ...{:(.

We were so convinced, that when I entered the Bladen County Heritage Book
information for Elias FAIRFAX, I mentioned a possibility that he came from
Sampson County, NC in error ...{:( .. we did not get a copy of the Marriage
Bond from the NC archives until after I submitted the information to the
Bladen County Heritage Book committee ...{:(. Which goes to show .. Index
Listings may be in error and until you get a copy of the real McCoy
Document, use caution in sharing Index Information ...{:(. Our Elias
Fairfax's birthplace is "likely" Columbus County since we have been
researching any clues and they tend to indicate Columbus County as his
origin. His probable grandfather, Micajah Fairfax, married to an unknown
"Lady" Jernigan is listed in the 1800 Bladen County, NC Census. We are
looking for Micajah Fairfax's parents and who he was married to in the
JERNIGAN Family???? .. that is our current "Brick Wall" ...{:(."

Although I don't know what that query had to do with Stricklands and so
don't understand why it was on the Strickland list, I happen to also
research Jernigans.

In the recently reprinted Jernigan Reunion by Lillian Jernigan Worley
it states that Frederick Jernigan (son of George Jernigan) moved to
Bladen Co. after selling his property in Wayne Co. NC. He was in Columbus
(Co.) (cut off from Bladen Co.) as early as 1814, then in Horry Co. SC. See

Deed Book A, p. 256 in Columbus Co. When his nephew Whitmel Jernigan of
Bladen Co. (son of George Jernigan; wife unknown; George b. about 1753 in
Nansemond Co. VA and d. after 1833)
made his will in 1793, he mentioned his cousins Frederick Jernigan, Ely
Jernigan, and Needham Fairfax. Since later records of Frederick and Elias
Jernigan were found in both Columbus and Horry counties, we would assume
that these two younger men were sons of Frederick Jernigan, formerly of
Wayne and Columbus counties in NC and Horry in SC." (nothing is said in the

last sentence about Needham Fairfax;
however, if Frederick and Elias or Ely were sons of Frederick, it would seem

logical that Needham Fairfax was a son of a sister of Frederick).

The sisters of Frederick were:

Elizabeth, who married Kedar Jernigan (a relative)
Mary, who married Josiah Jernigan (a relative)
Zilpha b. 1776 in Wayne Co. married abt. 1793 Arthur Alford, later
divorced him and legally adopted the Jernigan name for herself and her
young son Arthur Alford, Jr. She later married Amos Wiggs and had a
number of children.

George Jernigan, father of the above sisters and Frederick married a Lydia
and moved to Wayne Co. NC sometime after 1763 when George received a land
patent. Their son George stated in a pension application for service in the

American Revolution that he was born in Nansemond Co. VA about 1753 we the
Jernigans assume that the family first moved into Bertie Co. NC then on down

into Wayne Co.

George and Lydia also had the following children mentioned in George's will:

George, Arthur, Frederick, Mills, William, Elizabeth, Mary and Zilpha.

Of course there could be other children, including another daughter who
maybe married a Fairfax and died before George's will was made.

George's grandson Whitmel (mentioned above)(son of George) died in 1804 and
made his will in Bladen Co. NC.

You may know that almost all Nansemond Co. VA records were destroyed.
However, there is a set of detailed church records that survive. The
Jernigans gave the land for the Nansemond Co. VA courthouse and all can be
traced to one immigrant ancestor. The family is unusually well documented.

Many of them moved into Bertie and then dispersed. There is also a Jernigan

newsletter published on their webpage; you can use your browser to find it.

There are many Jernigan researchers listed in that newsletter.

Carla Tate

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