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From: John German <>
Subject: [JARMAN-L] [Fwd: Mississippi/Louisiana German Lineage]
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 17:49:35 -0500

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From: "German, Guy W" <>
Subject: Mississippi/Louisiana German Lineage
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Pardon the incorrect format from my last message, I should have known
better. Could you please forward this message to all our German-Jarman

I have been up to my ears over the last few years and have not had an
opportunity to collate lots of data from my German Lineage until recently.
The following two linage charts show a good summary of my German Family
research over the last 15 years. I have not been able to locate the parents
of William Thomas German. There are some potential leads: Asa German and
Presley German that were in the same part of Mississippi at about the
correct timeframe, but I have not been able to make a connection yet. Does
anyone out there have any good clues?

Wright Family Lineage (Latest Update: 3 September 2001)

1James Wright(b) 1763 (d) 1 February 1838 Natchez,
+M1: Mary Scoggins
+M2: Frances Dawson (d) 5 October 1802
2Robert Dawson Wright(b) 12 June 1796 Georgia (m) 31
May 1820 Monroe, Louisiana
(d) 19 September 1861 Sumpter, Texas
+M1: Eleanor Dickerson
3Mary Ann Elizabeth Wright

3James Paymer Wright
3Nancy C. Wright
3Frances D. Wright?
3Henry Dawson Wright

3Robert Dickerson Wright
3Eleanor Louisa Wright

3Issac Alexander Tally Wright
3John Wesley Wright
3Lydia Ann Wright
3Christopher Columbus Wright

+M1: Sarah Jane Garn
4Nathan Dawson Wright

2Nancy C. Wright(b) 1798
2Henry D. Wright(b) 1800
+M1: Elizabeth Ogden
2Alexander Wright(b) 1805
2James G. Wright(b) 1806
+M1: Martha Ann Leonard
2Absolom Wright(b) 1808
+M1: Louisa Long(m) Ouachita, Louisiana
2Alfred Wright1810
+M1: Francis Wood(m) Ouachita Parrish,
2Amanda M. Wright(b) 1811
+M1: William Bannister
2Louisa C. Wright (b) 5 July 1815 Louisiana
+M1: William Thomas German (b) 18 June 1814 Mississippi
(m) 7 March 1838(d) 18 May 1861

German Family Lineage (Latest Update: 3 September 2001)

1William Thomas German (b) 18 June 1814 Mississippi (d) 18
May 1861 Louisiana
+M1: Louisa C. Wright(b) 5 July 1815 Louisiana(m) 7 March
2 Virginia Elizabeth German (b) 5 December 1838 Mississippi

+M1: William Conerly?(m) 25 December 1856?
2William Absolom German (b) 25 June 1840
(d) 19 October 1842
2Amanda Margaret German (b) 28 October 1842 Louisiana

+M1: Charles Dixon?(m) 4 January 1866?
2?(b) 28 March 1845(d) 8 April
2Mary Anne Louisa German (b) 22 July 1846 Louisiana

+M1: Stephen Rayburn?(m) 23 December 1869?
2Robert Lafayette German (b) 10 February 1849(d)
10 June 1856
2Laura Josephine German (b) 9 April 1852 Louisiana

2Warren Alfred German (b) 9 June 1855 Louisiana
(d) 1 May 1861
2Wayne Theodore German (b) 29 November 1857 Peason,
Louisiana(d) 8 December 1927
Holly Grove Cemetery Vernon Parrish, Louisiana
+M1: Harriett A. House(b) 11 November 1860 Anacoco,
Louisiana (d) 17 March 1939 Anacoco, Louisiana
3George William German(b) 7 November 1881
Anacoco, Louisiana(d) 18 June 1922
+M1: Alma May Potts(b) 14 July 1880(d)
1 January 1961 Shreveport, Louisiana
4Howard German(b) 26 November 1909(d)
1 May 1960 Centuries Memorial Shreveport, Louisiana
+M1: Emily Bussie(m)
18 October 1941
4Hattie Mae German
+M1: William Burleson "Pokie"(m)
5Billie Jo Burleson(b) 1946?

+M1: Haven?
5Marion Burleson?(b) 1947

4George William German Jr. (b) 30 December
1915 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (d) 29 November 1991 Centuries
Memorial Shreveport, Louisiana
+M1: Elizabeth Jane Wright "Beth" (b)
1919?(m) 5 October 1937 Shreveport, Louisiana (d) June-July 1993?
+M2: Clementine Faye Stout (b) 25 November
1918 Gillham, Arkansas(m) 5 April 1942 Ashdown, Arkansas
(d) 16 August 1969 Fort Worth,
5Jacqueline Faye German(b) 7
November 1942 San Angelo, Texas
+M1: Joseph Bock

+M2: John Henderlight

+M3: Asa?
+M4: Charles Pike

+M3: Clementine Faye Stout (b) 25 November
1918 Gillham, Arkansas (m) 17 June 1943 St Joseph, Missouri
(d) 16 August 1969 Fort Worth,
5George William German III (b)
4 October 1946 Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
+M1: Cecelia Ann Orff(b) 24
October 1950 (m) 16 August 1969 Colorado Springs, Colorado
6Catherine Ann German (b)
24 June 1970 Stillwater, Oklahoma
+M1: Matthew Jason Bayens
(b) 8 January 1970(m) 17 June 2000 Colorado Springs, Colorado
7Brielle Catherine
Bayens (b) 3 October 2000 Wichita, Kansas
6Cynthia Marie German(b)
1 September 1973 Lubbock, Texas
+M1: Garret Kolb(b)
15 May 1969?(m) 7 September 1996 Boulder, Colorado
5Randolph Walter German (b) 15
October 1949 Denver, Colorado
+M1: Linda?


M2: Betty?

5Linda Kaye German (b) 24 April
1954 Denver, Colorado
+M1: Charles Rick Davis(m)
31 December 1972 Shreveport, Louisiana
6Joel Rick Davis(b) 18
December 1977 Shreveport, Louisiana
6Sarah Elizabeth Davis(b)
21 April 1979
5Terry Lynn German (b) 23 May
1958 Fort Worth, Texas
+M1: Rose Buffington(m) 28
August 1977 Shreveport, Louisiana
6Christopher Wayne German
(b) 1 August 1981
+M4: Jerry Ann Scott(b) 7 April 1929
Paris, Texas (m) 4 February 1969 Shreveport, Louisiana
4Frank Mason German(b) 1922?

+M1: Elizabeth Jane Wright "Beth" (b)
1919? (d) June-July 1993?
5Frank Mason German Jr.(b) 27
October 1955
+M2: Jean Howard

3John German(b) 1884? Louisiana
+M1: Lizzie?
4John H. German(b) 1914?
4Robert D. German
(b) 1916?
4Hary L. German(b)
4Steve German

4Don German

4Ruth German

4Lavonne German

3Lee German(b) 1892?
+M1: Emma Dunham(b) 1894?(m) 17 March
1913 Orleans Parrish, Louisiana
4Willie German(b) 1917?
4Juanita German(b)
4Mary German

3Gasaway German(b) 1893 Many, Louisiana

+M1: Bettel?(b) 1900?
4Bettie Lou German1980?
3Thomas Jason German(b) 1898? Mount
Carmel, Louisiana
+M1: Claudia Britt
4Wayne German(b) 1931?(d)
+M1: Helen Trazka
5Jim German
+M1: Elizabeth?

5Gary German
+M1: ?
6Greg German
6Gloria German

4Oscar Kelly Allen German

+M1: Linda
5Jeff German
+M1: Carrie?(m) 1990?
6Allison German "Ally"

5Stephanie German

+M1: Kevin Moss(m) 1995?

5Greg German(b) 1970

+M1: Cheryl?(m)
4Josie Faye German
+M1: Huey Dowden
5Douglas Dowden

+M1: June?
6Ryan Dowden

5Michael Dowden
+M1: Chris?
6Julia Dowden
6Michael Dowden

5Kay Dowden
+M1: Warren Ashy?

6Jennifer Ashy?
4Vera German
+M1: Leonard Lee Ellis "Jack"

5Linda Ellis
+M1: Jimmy Cobb

6Honor Caprice Cobb "Cappy"

6Jennifer Cobb

6Jamie Cobb

5Leonard Lee Ellis Jr. "Butch"

+M1: Judy?
6Jason Ellis

4Alice German
+M1: John Coyle
5Elaine Coyle
5John Coyle Jr. "Jay"
5Tommy Coyle
5Suzanne Coyle
4Catherine Rose German
+M1: Charles Hayes
5Terry Hayes
+M1: Christie?
5Kevin Hayes

3Alice German
+M1: A.D. Dees

George William German III


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