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From: "Gwen Boyer Bjorkman" <>
Subject: FW: New DNA Test Results Posted for a Group Member in Group James
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 17:57:17 -0800

Hi James: This is what we have been waiting for. We now have the 25 marker
results for Charles Roy James. He does not have any 25 marker matches with
the whole FTDNA database! He is a unique James family.

E-mail: Chuck James

Winston Co, AL

45668 Charles James J2 45668 Charles Roy James J2 12 23 15 9 13 17 11 16 12
13 11 29 14 8 9 11 11 26 14 21 34 13 14 15 16

Chuck did give us a few more clues about his family. I will quote his

"I can trace my James line back to the early 1800's. They came from South
Carolina, through Tennessee and into Alabama. Moved and settled in Winston
County 1830's as the territory opened up to settlement and the land was
taken from the Indians. Winston County was pro union during the Civil War
and many men left and fought for the union. Because of this, Alabama state
government had a long memory and to this day Winston County is one of the
poorer counties in Alabama. My immediate family are from Cullman County, a
county that was created in 1877 from large portions of Winston County and
some adjoining smaller counties. I was born in Birmingham, Al."

So maybe we need to get more Alabama James men into the James DNA test and
then Chuck will find a match.

Gwen Boyer Bjorkman

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Subject: New DNA Test Results Posted for a Group Member in Group James

New Y-DNA13-25 results have been posted for Kit 45668, a member of your
James group.

Please remind your Group member to add his results at www.Ysearch.org, the
FTDNA sponsored public database. When going to the Y-DNA Matches tab at
his personal page, he will see an explanation and a link for the upload.

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