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There are 50 Sherlock entries for the Jamaican Family Search site. If you
haven't visited the site you should try it:


Good Luck

Descendants of Charles Sherlock
Generation No. 1
1. Charles Sherlock died Bef. September 1913. He married Mary Ann Levien.
She died February 1914.

Notes for Mary Ann Levien:

WILL of MARY ANN SHERLOCK of Kingston, widow

Executors: sons ROBERT GEORGE SHERLOCK, of Bethel Town Westmoreland, Medical
Practitioner; ALEXANDER MARMADUKE SHERLOCK of Kingston, merchant; and
daughter SYDNEY MATILDA SMITH, wife of JOSEPH RANBY SMITH of Kingston.

I give to granddaughter MARY GEORGIANA SMITH daughter of Sydney (above), my
bedroom suite.

I give £10 of the proceeds of sale of Levien & Sherlock, to the Wesley
Church, Kingston.

I leave £5 to my servant GEORGIE SHERYRER.

Rents and profits from 71 Georges Lane, Kingston, to SYDNEY (above) to use
for the support of ELLEN SIMPSON of Kingston, spinster, and after her death
for my grandson CHARLES SHERLOCK RANBY SMITH in fee simple.

After sale of Levien & Sherlock, 1/2 to my friend ALICE PERDITA LEVISON of
Kingston, spinster, 1/2 to living grandchildren.

and my son WYLIE McLELLAND SHERLOCK of Kingston and my daughter SYDNEY

Witnesses: HAROLD VINCENT ALEXANDER, M. M. LIVINGSTON, solicitors Kingston

Dated 9/30/1913

More About Mary Ann Levien:

Residence: 1913, Kingston

Will: September 30, 1913

Will recorded: February 07, 1914, Lib XIII Folio 324

In 1910 LEVIEN & SHERLOCK, was a Curio Shop at 66 1/2 Harbour St., Kingston

Children of Charles Sherlock and Mary Levien are:

2 i. Robert George Sherlock.

More About Robert George Sherlock:

Occupation: 1913, Medical practitioner

Residence: 1913, Bethel Town, Westmoreland

3 ii. Alexander Marmaduke Sherlock.

More About Alexander Marmaduke Sherlock:

Occupation: 1913, Merchant

Residence: 1913, Kingston

+ 4 iii. Sydney Matilda Sherlock.

5 iv. Wylie McLelland Sherlock.

More About Wylie McLelland Sherlock:

Residence: 1913, Kingston.

Generation No. 2
4. Sydney Matilda Sherlock married Joseph Ranby Smith.

More About Sydney Matilda Sherlock:

Residence: 1913, Kingston

Children of Sydney Sherlock and Joseph Smith are:

6 i. Mary Georgiana Smith, born 1898.

7 ii. Charles Sherlock Ranby Smith, born 1906.


Descendants of John Edmonson Sherlock
1. John Edmonson Sherlock

Notes for John Edmonson Sherlock:

WILL of John Edmonson Sherlock residing at 30 St. James St, Southport,
Lancashire, England, gentleman.

My Executors are to pay MRS ELIZABETH RIMMER my late mother's housekeeper
£26 per year.

All the rest of my estate goes to ETHEL PENELOPE STEWART daughter of HENRY
COURAIN [or COUTAN? handwriting difficult] Esq of Woodfield, Walkers Wood,
Jamaica. She is also Executrix.

Dated 8/14/1911

Witness: GEORGE DIMOND, draper, 96 Zetland St, Southport, Lancashire,

HENRY HARRISON gardener 102 Zetland St., Southport, Lancashire, England


More About John Edmonson Sherlock:

Occupation: 1911, Gentleman

Residence: 1911, 30 St. James St., Southport, Lancashire, England

Will: August 14, 1911

Will recorded: June 12, 1914, Lib XIII Folio 414

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