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From: Sharon Oddie Brown <>
Subject: [JACKSON-UK] Jacksons of Kildare
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 10:52:34 -0800

I have posted two new charts on my website. I have assembled them using
material from Griffiths Valuation done in 1852-53 as well as notes of
abstracts from wills relating to JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. Although my
focus has been on JACKSONs, the names of their landlords and others are
also included. My focus here is on Co. Kildare, but there are also
mentions of properties in adjacent counties. The two charts, which
together total more than 20 pages of material can be seen at:

Jacksons of Kildare in Griffiths Valuation This compilation of data is
especially useful when looked at in conjunction with abstracts of
Memorials of Deeds of JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. I will be working on more
related data and will soon write some companion pieces as well as at
least one family tree that I can construct as a result of this data.

Jacksons mentioned in Co. Kildare Deed Memorials I will be doing more
work with this data in the near future, and placing more of these people
in family trees. When you see a name that is underlined and in red caps,
this means that the material was sourced from Nick Reddan's Deeds site.
[Example: _/MOS/_.] I am grateful for all the work done by the volunteer
transcribers who submit material to his site. I have added notes to
these abstracts that include more details of pertinent parishes,
baronies and such. This helps to locate individuals, especially when
viewed with other property related documents.

If you spot errors, please let me know so that I can fix them. If you
have family members and would like me to add them to the trees that I am
building, also please let me know. The more we share, the more we learn.
Thanks, and enjoy!

Sharon Oddie Brown,
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada.
History Project: www.thesilverbowl.com

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