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From: Johanne Mc Craig <>
Subject: Re: [IRISH-CANADIAN] Searching for Patrick Burns m. Bridget Kelly,Montreal 1901-1911
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 19:24:40 -0500
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Kelly it seems that your address is not working

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Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 6:08 PM
Subject: [IRISH-CANADIAN] Searching for Patrick Burns m. Bridget
Kelly,Montreal 1901-1911

> Hi all!
> I wonder if there are any genealogists on this list in or near the City of
> Montreal who would like to help with a project in return for proper
> payment?
> I've really hit a wall and I cannot get to Montreal to do the necessary
> lookups. :^(
> I am desperately seeking a marriage certificate for: *PATRICK BURNS and
> BRIDGET KELLY (Montreal, 1901-1911)*
> The reason I need the marriage cert is to find out who it lists as the
> PARENTS of Patrick Burns.
> I have Patrick's first marriage certificate (from his 1st marriage to
> Bridget Barry).
> Now, if I can ever find his 2nd marriage cert and the parents listed on
> his
> 2nd marriage cert MATCH the parents listed on marriage cert #1, then I
> will
> 100% know that I have got Patrick's correct parents.
> Then I can start researching where his parents actually came from.
> Which would be fantastic as nobody in my family (which is gigantic) has
> any
> clue about Patrick's beginnings.
> And my goal for this genealogy project is deadline-oriented! I'm going to
> Ireland this year and VERY much want to visit the town we are from :)
> Every single thing I know about my great-grandpa, Patrick Burns, is here (
> <>;) if anybody is
> available/interested to do this bit of research.
> NOTE: I called the "City/State Office" for Montreal and they told me to
> send
> them a letter requesting the marriage certificate.
> I did so.
> That was about 4 months ago and not a word back.
> So I am doubtful that the "City/State Office of Montreal" has the info.
> Not
> sure if I got the name right here but you get the idea: it is the Canadian
> version of our U.S. "County Registrars Office" as I understand it.
> My guess is that the info is at the Church where both Patrick and his wife
> are now buried - Notre Dame des Neiges. But that is just a guess.
> If anyone is available/interested, please let me know your rate & how long
> you think this would take (off list). I can pay with PayPal.
> Best way to reach me is by email:
> Thanks & Slainte to All!!
> Kelly Burns
> Chicago, IL
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