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From: Kelly <>
Subject: [IRISH-CANADIAN] Searching for Patrick Burns m. Bridget Kelly,Montreal 1901-1911
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:08:00 -0600

Hi all!

I wonder if there are any genealogists on this list in or near the City of
Montreal who would like to help with a project in return for proper

I've really hit a wall and I cannot get to Montreal to do the necessary
lookups. :^(

I am desperately seeking a marriage certificate for: *PATRICK BURNS and
BRIDGET KELLY (Montreal, 1901-1911)*
The reason I need the marriage cert is to find out who it lists as the
PARENTS of Patrick Burns.
I have Patrick's first marriage certificate (from his 1st marriage to
Bridget Barry).
Now, if I can ever find his 2nd marriage cert and the parents listed on his
2nd marriage cert MATCH the parents listed on marriage cert #1, then I will
100% know that I have got Patrick's correct parents.
Then I can start researching where his parents actually came from.
Which would be fantastic as nobody in my family (which is gigantic) has any
clue about Patrick's beginnings.
And my goal for this genealogy project is deadline-oriented! I'm going to
Ireland this year and VERY much want to visit the town we are from :)

Every single thing I know about my great-grandpa, Patrick Burns, is here ( <>;) if anybody is
available/interested to do this bit of research.

NOTE: I called the "City/State Office" for Montreal and they told me to send
them a letter requesting the marriage certificate.
I did so.
That was about 4 months ago and not a word back.
So I am doubtful that the "City/State Office of Montreal" has the info. Not
sure if I got the name right here but you get the idea: it is the Canadian
version of our U.S. "County Registrars Office" as I understand it.

My guess is that the info is at the Church where both Patrick and his wife
are now buried - Notre Dame des Neiges. But that is just a guess.

If anyone is available/interested, please let me know your rate & how long
you think this would take (off list). I can pay with PayPal.

Best way to reach me is by email:

Thanks & Slainte to All!!

Kelly Burns
Chicago, IL

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