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From: Dani Brown <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 18:09:04 -0800 (PST)

Hello all!

My name is Dani. I am the new admin for th ISRAEL mailing list. Looks like there are a TON of subscribers, which is fine with me. I just cleared out the ban and accept list. Starting fresh.... I don't know the history of this list and with the news being the way it is, I come into this list as a prepared admin. I do admin over a huindred lists (most of them small) and have been an admin for many years now.

I just wanted to introduce myself to the list. I hope all is well with you all and let's have a great time with this list, shall we?

I can be contacted anytime at my email address.

and, I have just one rule:"Posting of non-genealogical-current events, political opinions, prayers, virus warnings, non-approved solicitations, chain letters, jokes, poems, non-genealogical stories, missing children notices, and flames are not allowed on this list and may be grounds for immediate removal and exclusion from the list. Questions or comments about this policy may be directed to your list administrator, Danielle Brown, at the following address: , thanks!"

I think that about covers it!

: )


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