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From: Pat Deese <>
Subject: [IRL-MAYO] Re: IRL-MAYO-D Digest V02 #67
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 08:56:45 -0400
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> s A parish church might have the baptism entry with or without the date of
> birth. Unfortunately, the Cong and Neale Baptism records before 1870 do
> or send Irish family members to look. An example of this were Tenant Records we were seeking for pre Griffiths. The landlords family had refused to release because the present lord was "on the run" for murdering

The Register in Castlebar has records too. My cousin walked in
with the townline and a time frame of 15 years and returned less than
45 mins later and they had the Death Certficate ready for him. He did
research at the Dublin Archives too tho it was very time consuming and
you only had so long to look at the indexs. He did get some of the certs
there but CB was much easier.

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