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From: Pat Connors <>
Subject: Re: [LEITRIM] New County Leitrim data online
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 08:38:48 -0700
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Hi Barry, thanks for your comments and resource links, I will comment only
on the GV and whether the transcriptions on my website are helpful or not to

> Griffith Valuations for Leitrim .. not has been done
> before.......what is being done is a waste of valuable transcription
> time........

I use all the GV sites you mentioned plus my favorite, OriginsNetwork, which
is a subscription site and much easier to use than the free AskIreland
site. I also love the index on John Hayes's site, however, it is just names
and townlands whereas the data on my site gives a bit more information such
as the proximity of the residents in the townland to each other, plus their
landlord and the type of tenement they leased. Also, it is free and much
more easier to use then AskIreland. It is meant as a reference and if you
find a name of interest, then paying for OriginsNetwork or spending the
necessary time it takes on AskIreland, the GV on my site becomes relevant
and very helpful.

> this site has it...........
> searchable by county and parish etc.....
> In addition the Irish Libraries under their site
> have the full original pages plus the maps used for each townland/parish
> available to view free of charge to all........
> I use "failte romhat" first as the askaboutireland site is not name
> friendly....i.e if you look for Frazer it will not show Fraser..
> What is needed now is a transcription of the Tithe
> records.......1825/1835...........20 years earlier than Griffith.......
> and a few more things..........

As far as the Tithe Applotment records go, you are preaching to the choir.
While I only have one civil parish on the County Leitrim section (where my
ancestors lived), try looking at the Tipperary or Limerick sections of the
site. My website is a perspective of my family genealogy. Each section
relates to names in my family tree, places they lived and mailing lists I
administer on Rootsweb. The Ireland counties on my site where I have the
most information are the counties where I am still researching my family.

Pat Connors, Sacramento CA

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