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Subject: Re: [LEITRIM] Molhil Parish - Latimer
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:03:21 +0000

Hi Joy,

Since your Latimers were Church Ireland, you should go at this in a slightly different way from that suited to the needs of someone researching a Catholic Irish family. The three most likely times/reasons for Protestants to have come to Fermanagh would have been the Cromwellian and Williamite settlements and the period around the end of the War of the Spanish Succession (1715), when mustered out soldiers were sometimes given land grants in lieu of back wages. Military records are therefore a good possibility.

Since Fermanagh was mainly agricultural in those days except for the tableware industry at Baleek, you might look for evidence of land ownership and/or leases. (PRONI and Northern Ireland archives might be able to help.) There are some census substitutes for Ireland that date from earlier than the beginning of the regular imperial censuses in the 19th century that enumerated landowners only, which your Mortons/Latimers well may have been. Look hard for Mortons as well as Latimers, since families did often intermarry with some frequency across generations; that might give you a separate channel to pursue. Incidentally, the Latimers may also have been in Fermanagh earlier and have gone south earlier to act as land agents, to take advantage of land that became available because of its confiscation from its original Catholic owners, or because they were in the military and stationed in Leitrim. (This would not have been a difficult journey: all they would have had to do was!
to go
on a barge down the Erne River system, and they would almost have been there.)

Another possible clue to pursue is to research locations in England from which colonists bound for Fermanagh were most likely to have come. The keeping of Church of England sacramental records became obligatory in 1538; after 1645, specific information was required to be included. (Surprisingly, many of these records have actually survived.) Civil registration in England and Wales also began much earlier than it did in Ireland (1653); a considerable body of these data have also survived. If you find any possibly applicable records, look for families that repeated the same baptismal names that appear in the Latimer family during the period for which you have found evidence.

Finally, I don't know whether ship lists are available in New Zealand, since I have not worked that area, but they can have usefulness beyond simply fixing dates and ports of arrival. Look at the other people on the same sailing. Any of these could be relatives, and you might be able to find something on them; that would give you additional names to work on.

Good luck.


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> Hi Nancy
> Thank you for your email. Our Latimer's are Church of Ireland. My
> g-grandparents emigrated from Kinawley Parish, Co. Fermanagh in 1874.
> We have traced our family back to Hugh Latimer married Jane Morton in 1761 in
> Kinawley Parish. Hugh was from Doonereagh Mohill Parish. We are trying to get
> beyond this point if we can. This is our brick wall. We are trying to find out
> when the first Latimer's went to Northern Ireland from England.
> Thanks again for your suggestions.
> Joy, Kerikeri, NZ> From: > To: >
> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 19:26:04 +0000> Subject: Re: [LEITRIM] Molhil Parish -
> Latimer> > Are you interested in Catholic or Church of Ireland records? (Latimer
> sounds pretty English to me.) I did look into the availability of Catholic
> records for Mohill Parish several years ago, since I have numerous relatives
> with origins in that parish. I learned that Catholic records pretty much start
> after Catholic Emancipation (1829), although there may be death records
> somewhere for slightly earlier dates, since these are often the first to appear.
> > > If you need Church of Ireland records, these often do go back earlier. (So
> do Presbyterian records, but most of these were shipped to PRONI in Belfast when
> Ireland became independent, so you would need to contact that office if that
> would be applicable to your enquiry.) I have not had experience using
> Presbyterian records, since our family is solidly Catholic, but!
> I understand that there is some sort of a repository for such records in
> Dublin; perhaps some of the listers who have researched Protestant records could
> tell you where it. > > However, there are several other things that you might
> also try. For example, the old cemetery (Catholic) in Mohill town is
> particularly well endowed with grave markers--at least a few of which go back as
> early as the 1790's, and grave-marker inscriptions have now been transcribed in
> many cases by public-works projects for the unemployed. The parish priest should
> have a copy, as should the National Library of Ireland. Also, some Mohill
> residents were buried at Farnaught Old Cemetery, which is in Gortletteragh
> Parish. Unfortunately there are relatively few pre-1800 burials with legible
> grave markers at Farnaught. In the north end of Mohill parish (Gorvagh, for
> example), it is possible that some of your Latimers could have been buried at
> Fenagh, although there are not very many pre-1800 burial markers!
> that can be read there either. > > You are in luck in one way: Latime
> r is not a particularly common name in Catholic Ireland. Any you find are likely
> to be related to you somehow, if not very closely. I would do a telephone search
> of all of Southeast Leitrim--distances are not that great--to see whether there
> are any Latimers still living there who might know something of interest to your
> research. Also, consult any National School Centennial publications from
> anywhere in Mohill Parish that might be available to you. That would help you to
> find Latimers living there anytime in the twentieth century. Sometimes the text
> gives clues as to where they went if they emigrated. Also, look at early 20th
> century census records.> > Going back to the period closer to the time that you
> are interested in, if your Latimers were Protestant, look for records of the
> militias formed in 1795 as a result of the imposition of the Militia Act. Its
> also worthwhile to see if the database of British military records at Kew
> (online) has anything for you. For a slightly!
> later period, consider records of enlistments and service in the Royal Irish
> Constabulary. There are numerous estate records from the Lough Rinn estate (Lord
> Leitrim--family name, Clements) that have survived and are in the Irish National
> Archives.> > How long have your Latimers been in New Zealand, if they were the
> ones who emigrated? Is there a possibility that they orginally went to another
> part of the British Empire and then went on to New Zealand later? (Canada is a
> likely suspect in this case.) There may be some records there that might help
> you.> > Good luck with your research.> > Nancy Gray> > > > --------------
> Original message from Joy Averis : -------------- > > >
> > > > Hi Listers > > > > Can anyone help me? Have the parish registers for Mohil
> parish been > > transcribed? > > I am interested in the Latimer families prior
> to 1800. > > Any assistance would be most appreciated. > > > > Joy, Kerikeri, NZ
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